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You want your business to be disruptive, but your office move should not be. This free Office Move Checklist template from Fastmetrics will ensure a seamless transition to your new office space.

  • Tick off this editable PDF checklist off as you go. See useful tips for each step of your office move.

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Office Move Checklist Timeline

Here is a moving office timeline, which you will find in the downloadable office move checklist above. It outlines the recommended timings, actions and provides each checklist item for the moving office process. For more detail on each checklist item and further tips, download the full checklist above.

Timeline Action Required Checklist Item
6 – 12 months out Finding The Right Space Location, size, growth, office design & fit out, lease length, lease clauses, ICT infrastructure, move date, engage project team
6 months out Budget Overview Office design & fit out, removals, insurance + trash disposal costs, utilities, ict providers, marketing materials, current lease
4 months out New Office Connectivity Plan Internet, phone service, data, it resourcing, power, cabling
1 – 3 months out Interim Office Move Planning Office layout + seating plan, internal communication, service providers, marketing material updates, inventory list
1 month out Here Comes Move Day! Move day schedule, postage redirection, minimize office clutter, client + vendor notification, new building access, update building managers, office supplies
1 week out Final Details Staff communications, pack + label, final site inspection, site inductions, call redirection / porting, test
On the day Move Day Access, inventory list, IT setup
After move After Move Day Clean old location, induction, training + support

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