What is a conference bridge?

A conference bridge is a phone number or user you call into, to expand the number of other users on a phone call.

How to setup a conference bridge?

For Fastmetrics conference bridges, we require a leader to start the call.  A conference leader has the power to moderate the conversation.

Bridge control / moderation can be achieved via 2 different methods;
  1. By an Office Manager or your phone system admin, through the online management portal.
  2. Through commands entered by the leader while on the bridge / call.  These commands are listed below.

For information on adding your own conference bridge to your metricPHONE system, please e-mail support@fastmetrics.com or contact your Sales representative directly.

What role does a leader in a conference bridge take?

If you’re logged into the bridge as a leader, there are various mid-conference actions you can utilize with the Fastmetrics business phone system. The default mid-conference actions are shown in the table below.

DestinationApplicationApplication ParameterDescription
[*]6Toggle MuteToggle Mute On/Off
[*]71Start RecordingRecording On
[*]73Stop RecordingRecording Off
[*]74Dec Rx GainDecrease volume to participant
[*]75Reset Rx GainReset volume to participant
[*]76Inc Rx GainIncrease volume to participant
[*]77Dec Tx GainDecrease volume to conference
[*]77Dec Tx GainDecrease volume to conference
[*]78Reset Tx GainReset volume to conference
[*]78Inc Tx GainIncrease volume to conference
[*]91List ParticipantsTo announce the list of active participants
[*]92Toggle Announce On/OffToggle Announcement On/Off
[*]93Disconnect AllDisconnect All Other Participants
[*]94Toggle Conference LockToggle Conference Lock
[*]95Count ParticipantsTo announce the count of active participants
[*]96Mute AllMute All Other Participants
[*]97Unmute AllUn-mute All Other Participants
[*]98[0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9]Speaker Sign-On[!!!*]Sign-on as Speaker
[*]99[0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9]Leader Sign-On[!!!*]Sign-ON as Leader

What are the benefits of Fastmetrics conference bridge services?

A conference bridge is typically superior to having multiple users making 3 way conference calls.

Long distance users far away from each other in the “call chain”, can experience timing problems in a phone conversation. This can appear as people appearing to talk over each other. A centralized hub or conference bridge that everyone calls, solves this problem.

conference bridge call example with multiple users globally

A Fastmetrics conference bridge using the metricPHONES hosted cloud PBX system, provides superior call quality over outside 3rd party conference bridges.

Can I get a free conference bridge?

Every Fastmetrics business phone system includes 1 free bridge per company or customer. Additional conference bridges can be added for a monthly fee.