This particular feature is available for Apple devices only. It allows you to change the network your phone call is on.

Example scenario: you are using the Fastmetrics Mobile App for iPhone, but the call quality is not very good, because you are using a public or a non optimized WiFi connection. You can select to move it to your actual cell phone network (fees may apply). The below video shows the settings you must turn on, in order to have this feature available.

If you have voicemail set up via your smartphone network provider, the voicemail may pick up when you switch to iPhone. So, it is important to delay the voicemail on the smartphone native provider (let the smartphone ring at least 5 times).


log in

Log in

wait for registration

Wait for registration..

select contacts

Select contacts

Select the settings Menu

Select the “Settings” menu

elect settings

Select “Settings”

Turn on both basic options

Turn on both basic options

Enter your full mobile number including the area code select done

Enter your full mobile number (including the area code), and select “Done”

Go back to settings a new option will appear

Go back to settings. A new option will appear

select call using Fastmetrics and done

Select “Call using Fastmetrics” and “Done”

next time you are on a call select more

Next time you are on a call select “More”

select switch to phone

Select “Switch to phone”

Select your iPhone

Select your iPhone