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Free Local Calls USA

Free Local & Long Distance Calls USA


Fastmetrics saves us $6,000 a year in VoIP and Internet access costs. They provide more features and faster, more reliable service.

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Free Local & Long Distance + Cheap International Calls

Unlimited free local calls within the USA included with all our business phone services. If your business still pays for local phone calls, you shouldn't be. If your company phone bill is in the hundreds or even thousands of dollars every month, we can help reduce it.

free IP phones special with Fastmetrics business phone systems

Whether your company is cold calling, telemarketing or holds global teleconferences, our discounted long distance rates and unlimited free local calls help you save every month.

Crystal Clear Phone Calls Everywhere

You don't need to sacrifice call quality with any of our VoIP or cloud based phone solutions, either. We ensure crystal clear phone calls originating from the U.S to all destinations. Our hosted business VoIP service or cloud PBX never travels on the public Internet. All voice packets are managed over our private voice network.

As we own and operate our own private voice network, it allows us to set competitive pricing on long distance rates. Call Asia from as little as $0.02c per minute, European countries from $0.01c per minute and South American destinations from $0.03c per minute.

Compare our rates in USD (per minute) below. It's time your business reviewed your bill how much you're paying for phone calls. Call 1-800-724-7100 to speak to a Fastmetrics Business Voice Expert, today.

We ended up upgrading to bundle hosted VoIP. Our phone numbers were ported without drama and we have saved lots of money, which is always nice. Free unlimited calls to North America and cheap long distance. Fastmetrics Long Distance Call Rates Reviewed by Peter K - CEO - Dragil, Inc. on .
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