Free Calls & Discounted International Calling

Unlimited free calls to the USA and Canada. Free calling throughout North America is a standard feature included for all Fastmetrics business phone service customers. This is across our cloud PBX, business VoIP and SIP services. If your business is paying for local phone calls, you shouldn't be. Want to reduce your phone bill? We can help. If your business makes outbound international calls, get free calling to North American countries and discount international rates with Fastmetrics. We also provide free number porting, as well as DIDs and wholesale 1-800 numbers. Contact us to find out more.

International calling rates as low as:

Asia & Subcontinent
Call China from: $0.03 cents per minute
Call India from: $0.03 cents per minute
Call Korea from: $0.04 cents per minute
Call Japan from: $0.08 cents per minute
Call Indonesia from: $0.13 cents per minute

North, Central and South America
Call USA: Unlimited free calls!
Call Canada: Unlimited free calls!
Call Mexico from: $0.02 cents per minute
Call Brazil from: $0.06 cents per minute
Call Colombia from: $0.10 cents per minute

Call United Kingdom from: $0.01 cents per minute
Call France from: $0.03 cents per minute
Call Italy from: $0.03 cents per minute
Call Spain from: $0.04 cents per minute
Call Turkey from: $0.09 cents per minute

Search more long distance calling rates here:

  • Search call rates by country, carrier or device.
  • Examples; 'mexico cellular', 'australia mobile' or 'china mobile'. If you know the local carrier you will be calling; 'switzerland swisscom' or 'united kingom vodafone' or 'france orange' as some examples.
  • All call rates are in USD per minute.

Download a complete list of our current wholesale international calling rates.

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Crystal Clear Phone Calls Everywhere

You don't need to sacrifice call quality with any of our VoIP or cloud based phone solutions, either. We ensure crystal clear phone calls originating from the U.S to all destinations. Our hosted business VoIP service or cloud PBX never travels on the public Internet. All voice packets are managed over our private voice network.

As we own and operate our own private voice network, it allows us to set competitive pricing on long distance rates. Call Asia from as little as $0.02c per minute, European countries from $0.01c per minute and South American destinations from $0.03c per minute.

Compare our rates in USD (per minute) in the PDF download above. It's time your business reviewed your phone bill how much you're paying for calls.

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We ended up upgrading to bundle hosted VoIP. Our phone numbers were ported without drama and we have saved lots of money, which is always nice. Free unlimited calls to North America and cheap long distance.

Peter K
CEO - Dragil, Inc.

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