Fastmetrics Service Level Agreement - metricFIBER Service

Service Description

metricFIBER Service is a high-speed, fiber based, transport service designed to offer connections to the Internet. metricFIBER consists of full duplex transport over fiber optics between the customer site and the Fastmetrics data center core.

Fastmetrics will manage Fastmetrics provided customer premise equipment (CPE). Customer is responsible for error detection and correction of data transported and Customer owned equipment interconnected with CPE.

metricFIBER is monitored by Fastmetrics network operations 24 hours per day, seven days per week, using the in-band network monitoring. Fastmetrics will use commercially reasonable efforts under the circumstances to remedy any delays, interruptions, omissions, mistakes, accidents or errors in the Services and restore such Services to comply with the terms hereof.

Network Availability Objectives

The following are Fastmetrics service objectives for metricFIBER service, based on the design, reliability factors, and historic performance of metricFIBER, as measured across the entire base of metricFIBER customers. No specific commitment regarding an individual metricFIBER service is intended or implied. There are no customer financial remedies directly connected to these objectives.


Fastmetrics has an availability objective for metricFIBER Service as 99.994%. Interruptions will be measured in hours and increments thereof, accumulated on a monthly basis.

Unavailability is defined to begin at the onset of ten consecutive Severely Errored Seconds and to end at the onset of ten consecutive seconds with no Severely Errored Seconds, as confirmed by Fastmetrics. Measurement of unavailable time will commence with a trouble report from the customer to the appropriate Report Center and will end when the circuit is returned to service, as confirmed by Fastmetrics.

Mean Time to Restore

Fastmetrics has an objective to have the service restored within an average of four (4) hours called the Mean Time to Restore (MTTR). MTTR objective shall be the average time required to restore service and resume availability in a one month (720 hour) period. The time is measured from the moment the outage is reported until the service is available

Customer Service Commitment and Financial Remedies for Non Performance

Fastmetrics stands behind metricFIBER by offering customers billing credits for ANY detectable service unavailability, thus it is a 100% Service Level Agreement--- anything less than 100% availability will be eligible for a billing credit as defined below.

Refund Policy

A service interruption will result in a credit calculated according to the length of the disruption. The formula for the credit is described in the Service Order Form. Customer will be credited according to a formula that provides 10 times the billing rate for the equivalent period of service, up to a maximum of 100% of the monthly recurring charge. For example, a 4 hour outage would be eligible for a credit equal to 40 hours of pro-rated monthly recurring charges. Maximum of 100% credit in any single billing period will apply.

This outage must be reported by the customer and the circuit made available to Fastmetrics for testing. The outage must be determined by Fastmetrics to be in its network. The customer must request credit within 20 days of an event of unavailability.

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