Key Gigabit Ethernet Features

  • Point-to point or multi-point options
  • Go local, interstate or international
  • Network failover protection
  • Gig to 100 Gbps options
  • 99.999% uptime SLA
  • Connect direct to the cloud or data centers

End-to-end Layer 2 Gigabit Ethernet

metricDIRECT is a dedicated Gigabit Ethernet service used by businesses to connect locally, interstate or worldwide. Connect offices, data centers or to the cloud, reliably at gigabit or multi-gigabit speeds.

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Fastmetrics dedicated Ethernet is setup and monitored by our local Bay Area team, for responsive network expertise on the ground. Guaranteed uptime is backed by a 99.999% SLA, with 24-7 proactive network monitoring.

Use Gigabit Ethernet speeds to connect directly to AWS, Azure, Google Cloud or your cloud platform and lower data transfer fees! Save to 49% on AWS egress and 66% on Azure.

Business rely on Fastmetrics Dedicated Ethernet

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Fastmetrics Ethernet Service Benefits

free fiber internet install & setup offer

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ip address block

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fixed monthly pricing

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local priority support

Local Network

Point-to-point Dedicated Gigabit Ethernet

What can dedicated Ethernet do for your business? It moves more data, faster. It takes care of bandwidth heavy applications. It manages file sharing, VoIP, video, direct cloud and data center access with minimal latency.

Dedicated Ethernet speed options from 1 Gbps to 100 Gbps symmetric. We offer an added managed Software Defined Network (SDN) solution, via Megaport, for direct cloud connections. Reduce latency and lower egress fees, with fast access to AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Oracle, salesforce cloud and more.

Gigabit Ethernet & Managed Cloud Connect Diagram


What types of businesses use dedicated Gigabit Ethernet? Ethernet is well suited to businesses with a need to;

  • Connect multiple locations
  • Have critical reliability demands
  • Move lots of data or require secure IP transit
  • Connect to the cloud / data centers, across states or borders

We proudly claim that businesses including other Internet Service Providers use Fastmetrics Ethernet. We currently deliver Ethernet to various Californian ISPs and a Canadian ISP. The increased bandwidth and direct IP transit that our Ethernet delivers, allows ISPs to meet increasing customer demands, especially due to remote work.

Build the network your business needs with metricDIRECT. Securely connect to external offices, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud or data centers, at high speeds. Support mission critical business needs. Contact us for more info on this powerful dedicated Ethernet service. Supported by top rated local techs from Fastmetrics.

Dedicated Business Services

Fiber Internet Service

  • ○ Managed fiber connectivity
  • ○ Unlimited bandwidth
  • ○ Fiber to 10 Gbps symmetric
  • ○ Free install & setup

EoC Service

  • ○ Faster install time
  • ○ Upgrade that legacy T1 line
  • ○ EoC speeds to 30 x 30 Mbps
  • ○ Free hardware & monitoring

Fiber Ready Buildings

  • ○ Free and fast 5 day install*
  • ○ Scalable fiber speeds
  • ○ Dedicated service
  • ○ Save on managed fiber!

WiFi Service

  • ○ Managed business WiFi
  • ○ Certified wireless admins
  • ○ Real-time network monitoring
  • ○ Ubiquiti access points