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End-to-end Layer 2
Gigabit Ethernet

Dedicated Ethernet that minimizes latency and enhances security, backed by guaranteed uptime and better Bay Area support. Fully managed, end-to-end layer 2 connectivity. Trusted by businesses from San Jose through to Napa, to connect locally in the Bay Area, regionally in California, nationally across the USA and globally.

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Key Fastmetrics Gigabit Ethernet Features

  • Secure direct connectivity
  • Gig to 100 Gig flexible bandwidth
  • 99.999% uptime SLA
  • Point-to point or multi-point
  • Network failover protection
  • 24-7 proactive monitoring

Gig to multi-gig or 10 Gig dedicated Ethernet to your location, over layer 1 single mode fiber. Optically switched for optimal low latency performance.
Reduce AWS and Azure egress fees by up to 66%, with our direct cloud SDN solution.

Reliable Ethernet & Direct Cloud Connect

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....other ISPs and businesses with critical demands, rely on our dedicated Ethernet, direct cloud connect and local support.

Fastmetrics Ethernet
Service Benefits

  • Free Install & Setup Offer
  • IP Address Block
  • Fixed Monthly Pricing
  • Local Network Support


Dedicated Ethernet Service FAQs

Fastmetrics provides the following options for our managed dedicated Ethernet service;

  • 10 Gbps direct Ethernet connections from the Fastmetrics Core to the customer location. Facilitated over a 10G layer one single mode fiber connection. metricDIRECT is optically switched for optimal low latency performance.

The 10 Gbps customer demarcation switch provided and managed by Fastmetrics has the ability to traffic shape different speeds and services on different demarc switch ports. For example, the service can be delivered in the following configurations:

  • 2 Gbps Direct Internet or;
  • 2 Gbps Direct Internet + 8 Gbps Direct Cloud Connect

dedicated ethernet diagram


  • 3 Gbps Direct Internet to Customer Site #1
  • 1 Gbps From Customer Site #1 to Customer Site #2
  • 5 Gbps Direct Cloud Connect

dedicated ethernet diagram

Other configurations are available as well.

These services can be handed off at different ports on the demarcation switch and / or managed with separate VLAN (Virtual LAN) numbers. The demarcation switch will traffic shape egress and ingress traffic to desired bandwidth.

Fastmetrics connects to the demarcation switch from the data center with a 10 Gbps Single Mode SFP+ transceiver. The customer can connect via different media, such as Twinax cables (3 to 6 feet). Or, 10 Gbps multimode fiber transceivers which are well suited for short distances. Or, customers can use a 10 Gbps single mode fiber transceiver better suited for long distances (more than 300 feet).

Dedicated Ethernet moves data faster. Take care of bandwidth heavy apps, file sharing and transfers. Upload and download to the cloud with minimal latency. Speed options from 1 Gbps to 100 Gbps symmetric. Add a managed Software Defined Network (SDN) solution, for direct cloud access. Reduce latency and egress fees with AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Oracle, Salesforce Cloud and more.

Build the network you need with metricDIRECT. Connect to offices, to cloud providers and data centers at high speeds with lower latency. Support mission critical needs. Contact us for info on a free dedicated Ethernet setup. Supported by local Fastmetrics network engineers and 24-7 pro-active monitoring.

Dedicated Ethernet service is suited a range of businesses and enterprises who have requirements to;

  • Connect multiple locations
  • Have critical reliability demands
  • Move lots of data
  • Require secure IP transit
  • Connect to cloud providers or data centers, locally or internationally

Some of our Ethernet customers include; global financial service providers (like banks), data-intense businesses (animation, AI and video production companies), local and international wireless and fiber ISPs. Bandwidth, security and direct IP transit is attractive to these types of businesses.

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