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Silver Cisco switches stacked with a Cisco Meraki WiFi router on top

Silver Cisco switches stacked with a Cisco Meraki WiFi router on top

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99.99% fiber uptime sla


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21 years of reliable business services


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We’re the ISP of universities, governments, tech, software, retail, energy and biotech companies, manufacturers, media agencies, healthcare providers, law firms, financial service providers and more.

Get end-to-end managed services with quality outcomes.

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Fastmetrics is a Cisco Meraki Partner offering Meraki cloud managed WiFi solutions

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& UCaaS

  • Case Study: Remote Work
  • Free Calls, Texts, Video Conferencing
  • Microsoft Teams Integrations
  • Free Yealink or Poly Phone Options


5-star reviews on Software Advice metricVOICE by Fastmetrics

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Fastmetrics ISP FAQs

We are a San Francisco Bay Area based Internet Service Provider (ISP) and Managed Services Provider (MSP). We offer services to businesses and buildings. Since 2002, our focus has been on B2B services & support. We maintain fiber presence throughout various commercial buildings in the Bay Area and Northern California. Our WiFi service is also present in various high rise residential buildings.

Offering completely managed, dedicated building & business services including;

  • Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) including fiber Internet and dedicated Ethernet to speeds of 100 Gbps up & down
  • Backup circuits, managed wireless and more options, including direct cloud connect
  • Managed network services including routers / firewalls / switches, LAN & WAN management, 24-7 proactive monitoring, MPLS and SD-WAN, DNS filtering
  • Hosted business voice and UCaaS
  • Microsoft Teams voice integrations (Microsoft Partner)
  • Cisco Meraki services & support (Cisco Meraki Partner)

Fastmetrics HQ is at 1 Hallidie Plaza #402, San Francisco CA 94102 USA. Many Fastmetrics business customers are located in the San Francisco Bay Area, from San Jose to Napa. Further customers are in Sacramento, Roseville and Solana Beach. We also support multi-office customers in LA, NYC, Chicago, Arizona and Nevada. Fastmetrics managed voice services support users USA wide and remote work worldwide.

Fastmetrics Silicon Valley & Bay Area Internet Service Map

bay area service map

We have a strong presence in the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley. Our managed services and dedicated fiber Internet is popular with businesses in commercial buildings in San Jose, San Francisco, Palo Alto, Oakland, Mountain View, Fremont, Redwood City, Santa Clara and many more areas;

  • San Francisco
  • Mountain View
  • Fremont
  • Redwood City
  • Alameda
  • Berkeley
  • Burlingame
  • Cupertino
  • Emeryville
  • Hayward
  • Los Altos
  • Sunnyvale
  • Menlo Park
  • Mill Valley
  • Mendocino
  • Milpitas
  • Napa
  • Novato
  • Walnut Creek
  • Palo Alto
  • Petaluma
  • Pleasanton
  • Richmond
  • San Anselmo
  • San Bruno
  • San Carlos
  • San Mateo
  • San Rafael
  • San Ramon
  • Santa Clara
  • Santa Rosa
  • Saratoga
  • Sausalito
  • Sonoma
  • South San Francisco
  • Stanford
  • Sunnyvale
  • Union City
  • Vallejo
  • St Helena

fastmetrics ISP van on the road during an install in the Bay Area

A Fastmetrics service van on the road in the Bay Area

fastmetrics ISP service offerings for small medium large business

Reliable Business Internet Services:
  • Managed high speed fiber internet service from $300 monthly*
  • Dedicated Ethernet, business WiFi or Ethernet over Copper (EoC). Pricing may vary by building
  • CTF Program discount available for qualified organizations
  • 99.999% Ethernet and fiber uptime SLA
  • Free service install**
Business Internet Services Include:
  • Symmetric up & down speeds where possible
  • No sneaky intro pricing. Flat service fees for the life of your contract***
  • Locally managed setup & hardware
  • Unlimited data & IPs
  • 24-7 proactive monitoring
  • Live Bay Area tech support

* $300 monthly starting cost for new customers in fiberIVY buildings.
** Free install requires a 3 year term to cover costs.
*** LTE backup service may incur overage charges.

Business Voice & UCaaS:
  • Essentials plan from $15 per user
  • Free Poly or Yealink phones
  • Seamless presence across devices
  • All plans include setup & unlimited Bay Area support
  • Free calls & video conferencing
  • Managed for Quality of Service (QoS)
Managed Services Provider:

Fastmetrics has more than two decades experience providing local Bay Area businesses with reliable managed services. Contact us for a quote.

Included with all services:
  • 24 x 7 on-call Network Engineers and Voice Technicians
  • Live access to our local San Francisco Support Team
  • Circuit monitoring and responsive troubleshooting
  • Fast setup and personal customer care

Peering is critical to business Internet performance. Specifically, local peering. Always check whether an ISP peers at an optimal location to reduce latency. Latency impacts basic tasks like uploading images to the more complex, such as VPN or database connections.

When it comes to sending data or packets, latency is crucial for business needs. Lower latency means more efficient Internet performance. Latency can usually be improved in two ways; one is to tweak routing for more direct paths. This is possible with Internet connectivity which has more direct peering near an on-ramp, rather than via a long distance aggregation point. The other way to optimize for lower latency is via local peering. It ensures faster Internet service. Local SF Bay Area Internet Service Providers like Fastmetrics are focussed on optimal peering. This is an afterthought for most nationwide ISPs.

Faster Internet is determined by an Internet Service Provider's regional interconnection. Today, efficient connections to cloud based services are critical. Fastmetrics peers directly with Google and Amazon (plus others) to ensure the shortest, most direct paths.

To reduce Internet bottlenecks, we recommend a traceroute command. This is a simple check. See if your ISP has connectivity with minimal hops to your target destinations, like cloud based CRMs, AWS, Azure or other cloud platforms.

This was originally published by Fastmetrics CEO, Andreas Glocker on Linkedin.

Fastmetrics LLC has a proven history as a Bay Area ISP. In 1994, Fastmetrics CEO Andreas Glocker established Sirius Connections. Sirius was one of the first Bay Area Internet Service Providers, growing to 15,000 subscribers. Fastmetrics was founded in 2002, focusing on connectivity, hosted business VoIP and managed services, for critical business needs. Fastmetrics dedicated services, expertise, customer care and local live support, has grown a loyal base of business customers.

See what San Jose Earthquakes Chief Strategy Officer, Ian Anderson has to say about Fastmetrics dedicated fiber Internet service;

13 reasons why businesses choose Fastmetrics;

  1. Competitive rates. Price matching available - compare ISP quotes
  2. Fiber and dedicated Ethernet with 99.999% uptime, SLA backed
  3. Low or zero installation costs. Hardware & loop fees included
  4. Local Bay Area peering and IP transit
  5. Lower latency than AT&T and Comcast in the Bay Area (traffic does not detour to remote data centers)
  6. Live San Francisco support. On call techs and network engineers for site visits
  7. End-to-end service delivery from install to proactive network monitoring
  8. Complete solutions (Internet connectivity / WiFi, business VoIP, managed services, network management) for ‘one-stop’ service
  9. VoIP services which never travel over public Internet
  10. Expertly managed routers / firewalls, LANs, WANs, WiFi networks and switches
  11. Free Yealink or poly phones, webphones and apps, with all metricVOICE plans
  12. Free local calls with ALL voice plans
  13. Direct connect to AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Salesforce or your cloud infrastructure. Save to 49% on AWS egress and 66% on Azure egress

Since 2002, we have helped thousands of San Francisco Bay Area and USA businesses and buildings. Some happy customers include;

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Get business service; or call; 800-724-7100.

Fastmetrics ISP Reviews

Fastmetrics service and live support reviews;

There are really three reasons that we chose to partner with Fastmetrics. First is upload speed which is critical for everything that we do in the cloud. Second is bandwidth, especially to support our creative services around voice and video and then finally is support, quality support and local support

I have worked with Fastmetrics multiple times at my past companies and they always go beyond their duty to make sure that service is always up to par and more. Their technicians and customer support is always a pleasure to work with. At my current company I worked with Stefan at Fastmetrics and he had to take a couple of trips at different dates to our suite because we needed to change equipment on our end and he was extremely understanding and extremely knowledgeable and supportive of all our needs. We are currently expanding our offices and we will continue to work with Fastmetrics and Stefan to provide service at our new offices.

We are a growing nationwide recruitment company. For years, Fastmetrics has provided managed fiber to our different CA based offices. Uptime is excellent. The speed provided supports all of our business operations. Local customer service is super responsive. Fiber was price matched with larger business ISPs. We couldn't ask for better service in the Bay Area!

Fastmetrics fiber keeps our business operations running smoothly. We get gigabit speeds up & down. It's more reliable than other wireless ISPs we've used in the past. Their local support is also much better than the giant ISPs

We've been using Fastmetrics at work for about 4 years. We needed a business VoIP and Internet provider and we wanted Fiber instead of DSL so that we could get more bandwidth and better latency. The service is great, both the VoIP and Internet work really well (much better than our previous provider). They helped us get setup, select equipment, and helped through a seamless office move as well. Their support is also very responsive and proactive (vs reactive).

All I can say is Andreas is the man!

We were working with another fiber ISP for 2 months and at the last minute they said it would take another 8 weeks to get Internet at our new office. The problem was we were already set to move in the next week and planned the entire move around their original 8 week estimate. So we call Andreas at Fastmetrics and he was able to set us up for 3 T1 lines that week before we moved in and is now getting us the fiber we actually wanted. Fastmetrics treated some random people on the phone like friends getting a hook up... Service doesn't get any better than that.

They were also cheaper than our original vendor :)

My company has been a Fastmetrics business internet customer for metricFIBER and hosted business VoIP since 2007 and always very satisfied. The Fastmetrics engineering and support team are reliable, easy to work with and always ready to discuss creative solutions. I have worked with a range of different vendors/partners over the last 15 years, and I can easily say that Fastmetrics is on the top of my list of business partners to work with. Andreas and his team are excellent.

Very fast up/down link for the service we paid. Customer support is very responsive and helpful too.

metricFIBER - great service, great price, extremely reliable.

Recently we needed to upgrade beyond a T1. My business is too remote to get any cable connections and I thought I would be stuck with T1 speed forever, trying to support over 300 users. Andreas was able get us a new fiber optics line. Everyone else I spoke to said it couldn't be done. In addition they saved us some money on our phone service, by installing a PRI gateway to their SIP switch.

I switched to Fastmetrics from Comcast and was very glad that I did. Fastmetrics really knows their business broadband. They oversaw our install professionally and readily answered all of my questions. My business now has high speed connectivity (100Mbps up & down) with their fiber service. This adds remote access to local servers in our office. Secure offsite backup was INCLUDED, direct to the Fastmetrics data center.

Everyone else told us no. No, we can't bring fiber into your building. No, we can't repair the collapsed wiring tunnel in your building. No, we can't provide reliable wireless service. Andreas from Fastmetrics was the the first to say YES. He followed through and provided my business with great internet service and support. After 6 months of terrible internet from other providers in our office, Fastmetrics came in, managed the installation, responded quickly to my questions, and regularly checked in to make sure we were doing well. Uptime has been nearly perfect for over a year now.

We have been a customer of Fastmetrics for years. I highly recommend Fastmetrics metricFIBER and hosted phone service. Based on price/performance, uptime, ease of implementation and Fastmetrics support and partnership.

Our firm is solely engaged in the maintenance and support of business computer, network, and telecom related services. Having worked with just about every ISP serving the Bay Area, we have consistently recommended Fastmetrics as the ISP of choice. And our reasons are simple. Prices are reasonable, service and support is abundant, consistent and local, and the product (bandwidth) is exactly as specified, whether aDSL, Bonded-DSL, T1, or heftier options.

We love our metricFIBER connection and we highly recommend it.

Fastmetrics provides Town and Country Resources with reliable and the most cost effective managed high speed fiber based network service connections available and they ended up, besting their competitors cost of both legacy copper wire based services and fiber based services by a factor of between 2 and 5!

I cannot tell you how impressed we are with your service. Allen is extremely competent, and had everything running like a clock with zero downtime. I'm in awe with how well everything is set up and working together between the desk phones, the web dialer, the phone apps. It's all extremely fast, concise, and intuitive. We couldn't be happier and more excited to have found you. Thank you very much for everything you've done for us.

We bundle Fastmetrics fiber internet and hosted voice at our business. Internet is fast and reliable. Support is excellent and local. When we had to work from home, voice service was easy to transition without a hitch. I recommend this ISP if you're looking for quality business services and better support

Seamless move to a hosted business VoIP phone system at our SF based office. Free number port and new Yealink IP phones. Install was on time and we were kept up to date on the entire process. I've dealt with Ana, Robanne and Stefan. Local provider, quality service and local support. That's what I'd call a win-win-win.

Fastmetrics has been critical to our continued operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. With our new Fastmetrics phone system, when Shelter-In-Place was issued we were able to pivot literally overnight, to have the majority of our staff working from home the next day. Staff simply took their desk phones home, plugged them in to their routers, and got back to serving our patients without missing a beat.

We are a multi-office pediatric practice. Families rely on our call-center receptionists and our telephone advice nurses. In Feb 2020, we eliminated our relationship with our old phone service (one of the giants) because the cost was criminal, and the service was poor. Fastmetrics was very hands-on helpful during implementation, setting up our new equipment, phone queues and auto attendants exactly how we asked.

in March, the world changed. But our staff adapted immediately, largely thanks to our new Fastmetrics system. With care-giving staff in the office, and everyone else at home, our internal and external communication continued seamlessly. And most importantly, we were 100% there for our patients to reach us, even during the most trying times. Fastmetrics has truly been a game-changer for us.

Stefan is great! He's very responsive when I send him emails and goes above and beyond for his clients. Our office has been with Fastmetrics for 5+ years and is very happy with our services. Stefan delivered and set up 6 new phones today and the process was very easy

Fastmetrics is awesome. We've used their business VoIP phone service for our investment company going on 6+ years now. Our employees are located across the U.S. and the phone system works seamlessly. Rarely any problems but when we do, their customer service team is very responsive and always a pleasure to work with. Shout out to Allen, Ana and Stefan! When we moved to a new location Stefan brought out the new phones and made sure we were all setup. He definitely goes above and beyond, any time we have questions and conscientiously verifies everything is running smoothly. I would recommend Fastmetrics without hesitation

Fastmetrics are great. Their support is very responsive. They're providing the internet connection to our coffee shop. They're also managing our firewall and WiFi. We've worked with Andreas, John and Stefan. We're about to order business VoIP phones as well.

Fastmetrics provides our business with reliable, high speed fiber internet. The fiber is symmetric, so we can get more done and use cloud based services efficiently. In addition, Fastmetrics provides a feature-rich business phone system for 50 users, with excellent local support. Fastmetrics is always willing to answer our questions and is vital to our business operations. Highly recommended business ISP!

Fastmetrics is great. They're providing our hosted voice service for 83 phones, and Internet service at 100 Mbps. They've been incredible with the transition and were very friendly and knowledgeable. They were professional and helped get together a pricing that beat everyone else around. They provided phones when they were on contract, and were extremely flexible with the setup when we needed to make changes. They also helped out greatly with the port and stayed on top of things to meet our deadlines.

Great service. Good support. Absolutely FANTASTIC quality on their cloud pbx phone service which I can use internationally. The quality is better than any other phone line I have used in decades.

Great quality! We've been using Fastmetrics hosted phones for more than 5 years over broadband. Fastmetrics has knowledgeable customer service via phone or email, a shout out to Ana, Stefan and Allen. They are always ready to help. The calls are always of good sound quality and the system is trouble free. There is an online portal to check voicemail, handle calls from a built-in softphone using the browser and configure other phone behaviors, such as call forwarding, simultaneous calls and more.

Fastmetrics provides Wessling Creative with a T1 and a great hosted VoIP telephone system. Andreas and his team have always given us a great deal and personal service.

I have never had better call quality, more uptime, more call control, more reporting capability or better productivity from the call center my business runs. Their Support Department is 5 stars as well. Always there, rapid response for any issue - and especially great training.

Fastmetrics stands out the most in my mind because of their technical support and the in-house skill sets they provide. Dealing with a challenging business VoIP solution for a fast growing startup with mission-critical communications needs, Fastmetrics was invaluable being creative and flexible in how to deal with the serious problems we were faced with due to our rapid growth. I knew that if I needed to have something solved with our voice traffic, I could get in touch with their team directly and be able to build a solution quickly. I don't think it is easy to find services like these... I recommend Andreas and his team for sure!

Great customer service, wicked fast internet at an incredible price, and a pleasure all around from installation to maintenance and beyond!

Fastmetrics was very responsive with an immediate issue related to outgoing email requiring reverse DNS. AT&T Fiber refused to provide reverse DNS to Fastmetrics to solve our outgoing mail problems. But Fastmetrics was quick enough to provide a router in between with their own static IP for which they configured its reverse DNS bypassing dependency on AT&T. This was done in a very swift way so all our mail issues were resolved within a 3 hours after such a short notice. The expertise of people involved in configuring and setting up the modem, IP addressses and answering questions to help us configure our internal router was crucial to getting it running in such a short period of time. They understood the problem quickly, heard us and understood the issue and its solution and had a clear plan to execute to completion. Thank you Fastmetrics!

Fastmetrics has been a tremendous resource for our in-office IT needs. Their staff has been incredible with my support-related issues and questions, especially Stefan V. I would highly recommend their services to any firm or business in the Bay Area

The customer service is fantastic! Stefan was so quick, creative, and helpful with solving the issues I was facing.

I’ve enjoyed working with Fastmetrics customer support team and the techs that have assisted when needed. Your team is first class.

Fastmetrics set up our office on business VoIP and managed WiFi last year. Stefan is super responsive. Anytime we have any issues, I know I can always ping him and he responds right away. Very professional, speedy and dependable.

I manage three different offices (one being in San Francisco and the others in different countries) which means there are bound to be issues. Whenever I have a problem with our service, I can always count on Stefan to fix it. He is very informative, professional and his customer service is impeccable. I appreciate his follow-ups to make sure everything is running swiftly. I highly recommend Fastmetrics because they have quality service and an excellent team.

Fastmetrics tech support is outstanding and their cloud based voice solution has worked really well for our K through 8 School. Each teacher has a separate voicemail and our administrator can handle all call volumes, even on the busiest of days. Thank you Fastmetrics!

I have been doing business with Fastmetrics for about five years and have been delighted by their service, quality of the products and the wonderful staff. I am always impressed by the personal service and deep technical knowledge relating to the communication connectivity systems that they offer. All this they offer at a very fair and reasonable cost for the excellent service they provide.

This review totally goes to Stefan and his team. It's been nothing less than pleasure working with him. He skilfully determines what the problem is and solves it with the a thoughtful and thorough plan. I always appreciate his follow-ups after implementing the solution to see if everything runs smoothly. He seems like he knows his craft. Great customer service from Stefan and his team

Stefan and Fastmetrics customer support have been absolutely wonderful people to work with. They are always ready to help and will even come directly to you to get everything set up properly. I did not know how to work the system at all and Stefan made sure I had a good handle on things before leaving. He has been great to work with and has provided near constant support whenever I needed it

I called for internet service for my business and David took the time to explain me the whole scenario and how stuff works. Theirs wasn't the solution I was looking for but even after knowing that, he still answered all my questions and didn't hang up with me or made me feel unimportant. I really appreciate the customer service that I was provided. Thank you David.

We built a partnership with Fastmetrics and we are so glad that I met these wonderful people. They are super supportive and would go out of the way to do whatever it takes to get the job done. Fastmetrics introduced to us their extended team (low voltage folks) and everyone were very friendly, professional and did a great job. Thank you Fastmetrics for the great work and your continued support!!!

Great customer service I called for residential was informed its only for business, but was asked to email & they would get back to me with the best providers for my area. His name was David absolutely courteous & helpful. Giving 5 stars just on his customer service skills alone.

My Non-Profit has been a customer of Fastmetrics for over ten years. We have always been very satisfied with the service and the speed of our Internet connection. The technicians are helpful and polite and really know what they are doing. You can not miss with Fastmetrics!

This is only a customer service review, as I was unable to utilize the ISP services of this company (which I would bet are awesome!). Cody Miller and I exchanged email's and he did his utmost to assist me in my search for an ISP that I could enlist. Be polite and thankful to these guys, they deserve it according to my experience.

If you are looking to work with an Internet Service Provider who actually understands that SERVICE is part of their product, then Fastmetrics is the place to go. CEO Andreas Glocker and his team of dedicated staff provide their business customers with first rate products and support.

My firm, Kastner Kim LLP, has been using Fastmetrics for the firm's IT and email services for over 6 years. They have the best pricing and have all the things I need, its a one stop shop. But what really stands out is the tech support I get from Fastmetrics. They are quick to respond to all my questions and needs, what more can you ask for. Keep up the good work!

These guys are the stars. Without exception, we rely on Fastmetrics to cover all the broadband, email, web hosting, etc... needs for all of our clients. Tech support, always available. Problems, few if any. A singular business-oriented willingness to just get the job done! Never hesitated to use them for any and all broadband needs.

5 out of 5 based on 49 ratings. 49 user reviews.

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