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Receive 50% Off CTF Eligible Services

Fastmetrics participates in the California Teleconnect Fund (CTF) program, a program administered by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) that provides additional discounts to qualified organizations to offset the costs of covered Internet Access provided by eligible providers such as Fastmetrics. This discount is 50% on Internet Access.

The 50% discount is applied after any other discount, such as the Federal E-Rate Program, has been applied.

To qualify for CTF support a qualified organization must be located in California. Qualified organizations currently include schools, libraries, community colleges, community based organizations (including 2-1-1 providers) and healthcare CBOs. Information on the program and how to apply can be found here:

Qualified CTF organization? Get started with a 50% discount on Fastmetrics Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) services by contacting us via the form.

Fastmetrics Services Eligible for CTF Support

Fastmetrics provides dedicated Ethernet and Dedicated Internet Access services in California using fiber optic technology. These services are available on an Individual Case Basis (ICB) generally via a competitive procurement process. For more information on Fastmetrics services see our About Us page.

Factors such as term length, location and customer specific requirements may impact the cost of service. In compliance with the requirements of the CTF program, Fastmetrics includes its wide range of possible pricing. Please inquire directly through the CTF program to determine your actual pricing from Fastmetrics.

Fastmetrics CTF Dedicated Fiber Pricing

SPEED (Mbps)
SPEED (Mbps)
20 metricFIBER Dedicated Fiber 20 Mbps 20 Mbps $931 $602
50 metricFIBER Dedicated Fiber 50 Mbps 50 Mbps $1,087 $748
100 metricFIBER Dedicated Fiber 100 Mbps 100 Mbps $1,222 $766
150 metricFIBER Dedicated Fiber 150 Mbps 150 Mbps $1,322 $865
250 metricFIBER Dedicated Fiber 250 Mbps 250 Mbps $1,608 $1,168
400 metricFIBER Dedicated Fiber 400 Mbps 400 Mbps $1,719 $1,272
500 metricFIBER Dedicated Fiber 500 Mbps 500 Mbps $1,769 $1,299
600 metricFIBER Dedicated Fiber 600 Mbps 600 Mbps $1,869 $1,386
1000 metricFIBER

Dedicated Fiber

1000 Mbps 1000 Mbps $1,992 $1,480
1000 metricFIBER (10g Port) Dedicated Fiber 1000 Mbps 1000 Mbps $2,025 $1,625
2000 metricFIBER (10g Port) Dedicated Fiber 2000 Mbps 2000 Mbps $2,625 $1,995
3000 metricFIBER (10g Port) Dedicated Fiber 3000 Mbps 3000 Mbps $3,602 $2,752
4000 metricFIBER (10g Port) Dedicated Fiber 4000 Mbps 4000 Mbps $3,752 $2,992
5000 metricFIBER (10g Port) Dedicated Fiber 5000 Mbps 5000 Mbps $4,600 $3,400
6000 metricFIBER (10g Port) Dedicated Fiber 6000 Mbps 6000 Mbps $5,945 $4,745
7000 metricFIBER (10g Port) Dedicated Fiber 7000 Mbps 7000 Mbps $6,442 $5,442
a. Pricing provided per CTF rules and regulations.
b. Pricing and availability may vary.
c. Contract length and location may impact pricing.

Dedicated Managed Services For;

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...and hundreds more!

CTF Program FAQs

CTF approval comes in the form of a Notice of Eligibility for the California Teleconnect Fund Service Discount. This approval letter needs to be provided to the Fastmetrics billing team to apply CTF discounts to your monthly service(s) invoice.

As of January 30th 2023, the CTF program now uses the eCAP (electronic Claim and Application Portal) website. The eCAP portal allows organizations to manage participation in the CTF program, submit service applications, maintain contact info and complete CTF eligibility recertification.

For help regarding use or inquiries about eCAP, CTF participants can email;

Across the state of California, there are currently 14,186 participants in the CTF program. Participants range from K-12 public schools and districts, government hospitals, learning centers, public health services, employment training centers, libraries, community councils and other qualifying community based organizations. Some CTF participants have been eligible since 1997.

As of February 21st 2023, there are currently 71 approved CTF program service providers. These range from large nationwide ISPs with presence in California, through to local Californian telecommunications providers. Services available from approved CTF providers include; Internet connectivity and data transmission, managed services, WAN, SD-WAN and wireless management, DSL, dedicated fiber and metro Ethernet with various speed levels and setup options available.

About Fastmetrics, Inc. Building & Business ISP

Since 2002, Fastmetrics is the Bay Area's only dedicated business ISP. We provide telecommunication services in California and the San Francisco Bay Area. Reliable service - backed by better live and local support. From install to 24-7 proactive monitoring, get treated like a VIP customer. Not a number by a faceless call center. We specialize in managed business internet and phones, dedicated high speed business fiber internet, business WiFi, SIP voice solutions / UCaaS and managed network services. We are a Microsoft and Cisco Meraki Partner. Our team are Certified Cisco Specialists, Ubiquiti Enterprise Wireless Accredited and Polycom Authorized Solution Advisors. We take care of your business network, so you can focus on growth.

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