Cabling, WiFi & Security Cameras For Medical Clinic Expansion

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Problem: New Building Plans & Telecommunications Upgrade Needed

A California based medical clinic and doctor’s office needed more space to help existing and new patients and was constructing a new 3,339 sq ft building. The customer also needed upgraded telecommunications, which included infrastructure to support telehealth and virtual appointments. Also needed, was a wireless network that could handle doctors, nurses and staff moving around the building connecting on tablets. Furthermore, they needed it fast. The biggest problem: construction had not yet started on the new building. Nothing had been designed, other than room spaces and department locations.

Requirements: Guidelines, Maps & Specs For RFPs 

The customer needed specifications to build their Request For Proposals (RFPs) along with Guidelines, List of Materials, Cable Run Maps, and Wireless Access Point locations. They also needed something they had no experience with before: an outdoor security camera system.

Solution: Detailed Plans For All Project Stake Holders

The customer approached Fastmetrics with the above requirements and we delivered. Our team designed cable runs and a wireless network design plan for the entire building, to meet client connectivity needs. We were able to build out a complete solution, along with revisions and deliverables to the architects, designers, IT department, and executives in a readable and detailed way. This was completed before deadlines, for a fraction of the cost.

Results: Clear & Concise Infrastructure Plans

Estimated 2.4 Ghz WiFi Coverage: Expected 2.4 Ghz WiFi coverage for our client can be seen below, based on UniFi access point placements;

2.4 Ghz WiFi coverage map medical clinic - Fastmetrics case study

Estimated 5 Ghz WiFi Coverage: Expected 5 Ghz WiFi coverage for our client can be seen below, based on UniFi access point placements;

5 Ghz WiFi coverage map medical clinic - Fastmetrics case study

Estimated Security Camera Coverage: A detailed map of security camera ranges and coverage for the new building was also provided to the client;

Security camera coverage map medical clinic - Fastmetrics case study

Extra security camera coverage map medical clinic - Fastmetrics case study

Logical Cable Run & WiFi Access Point Cable Runs: Detailed maps showing cable runs for UniFi WiFi access points and security cameras;

Logical security camera run and WiFi access point cable run plans

Services Supported For This Customer:

metricWIFI: Managed Business WiFi Service

Fastmetrics Customer WiFi Speedtest From Mobile Device

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