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The most cost effective managed high speed fiber based network service connections available

Stanley Hutchinson
IT Director

Town & Country Ressources

Increase Output With Fiber Optic Internet

metricFIBER is the name of our fiber optic internet service and it does a great job of eliminating Internet lag and costly downtime. Say no to these drains on business productivity. Get reliable, high speed fiber internet service and unlimited data, throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles.

Fastmetrics Fiber Internet Benefits

  • High Speed Symmetric ConnectivityHigh Speed Symmetric Connectivity
  • Unlimited DataUnlimited Data
  • Free Install & SetupFree Install & Setup*
  • 24/7 Local & Priority Support24/7 Local & Priority Support
  • Scalable to 1GbpsScalable to 1Gbps
  • IP Address BlockIP Address Block**
  • Fiber Service Level AgreementFiber Service Level Agreement
  • Increase Productivity & Reduce LatencyIncrease Productivity & Reduce Latency
  • Fixed Monthly PricingFixed Monthly Pricing

We deliver and manage fiber optic internet service to your San Francisco Bay Area or Los Angeles office or building. High speed, dedicated connectivity. Guaranteed up time. Reliability backed a Service Level Agreement and our local San Francisco Support Team.

Fastmetrics fiber puts your business in the leading position to connect, network, increase output and grow.

Fastmetrics Fiber Delivers To San Francisco Bay Area & LA Businesses

Fastmetrics fiber internet powers the operations of businesses with mission critical demands.

Fiber internet is a solution which can combine data and voice services, backup and hosting, which 'ride' on the fiber. It also provides reliable high-speed access to the cloud.

Managed fiber internet service to San Francisco Bay Area and LA businesses, who include;

  • Fiber Internet & Hosted Voice Bundle
  • Fiber Internet for Image Hosting Service
  • Fiber Internet Mountain View
Motif Investing
  • metricFIBER
  • Hosted Business VoIP
  • High Speed Fiber Optic Internet Service

Bay Area Fiber Optic Internet Availability Map

The pink area of our fiber internet map, shows Fastmetrics fiber optic internet availability across the Bay Area.

The blue circles on the map, are Fastmetrics on-net fiber locations. Our growing network of fiber internet ready buildings is called fiberIVY. Get a much faster turn-around on fiber service. Click the link to see available addresses and benefits.

Fastmetrics fiber internet speeds are scalable to meet growth.

Need more speed? We've got you covered. Just let our Support Team know and we can upgrade your fiber service. Range of symmetric speeds available;

10 Key Benefits of Fastmetrics Fiber Optic Internet

fiber internet benefits

* Free fiber internet install: Fiber construction shall not exceed contract value.
** Free IPs: Up to 5 free IP addresses provided.

Fastmetrics Fiber is much faster than copper based internet services

Unquestionably, fiber internet delivers upload / download speeds much faster than common broadband or any copper based internet service.

A 1Gbps fiber internet connection combines the speed of approximately 1100 x T1s. This level of internet speed means a 2 hour HD movie (3 - 4.5 GB size) can be downloaded in approx. 25 seconds. For comparison, the same movie would take about 4.5 minutes to download with an internet speed of 100Mbps.

This table; how fast fiber optic Internet is compares fiber to various broadband speeds in the U.S. It compares 100Mbps and 1Gbps fiber internet download speeds against 1, 5, 10, 20 and 50Mbps broadband services. Compare a range of different file types / sizes.

Compare your own internet speed with Fastmetrics unlimited, symmetric fiber internet for business use.

Fastmetrics Fiber Optic Internet Service Reviews

5 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
Fiber - 100Mbps, 3msec - great service, great price, extremely reliable. Fastmetrics Fiber Optic Internet Service Reviewed by Peter Eichelberger - IT Director - Havas Worldwide on .
5/5 rating
Everyone else told us no. No, we can't bring fiber into your building. No, we can't repair the collapsed wiring tunnel in your building. No, we can't provide reliable wireless service. Andreas from Fastmetrics was the the first to say YES. He followed through and provided my business with great internet service and support. After 6 months of terrible internet from other providers in our office, Fastmetrics came in, managed the installation, responded quickly to my questions, and regularly checked in to make sure we were doing well. Uptime has been nearly perfect for over a year now. Fastmetrics Fiber Optic Internet Service Reviewed by Jim B - Chief Technology Officer - on .
5/5 rating
My company has been a Fastmetrics business internet customer for metricFIBER and hosted VoIP since 2007 and always very satisfied. The Fastmetrics engineering and support team are reliable, easy to work with and always ready to discuss creative solutions. I have worked with a range of different vendors/partners over the last 15 years, and I can easily say that Fastmetrics is on the top of my list of business partners to work with. Andreas and his team are excellent. Fastmetrics Fiber Optic Internet Service Reviewed by Dave L, San Francisco on .
5/5 rating
Recently we needed to upgrade beyond a T1. My business is too remote to get any cable connections and I thought I would be stuck with T1 speed forever, trying to support over 300 users. Andreas was able get us a new fiber optics line. Everyone else I spoke to said it couldn't be done. In addition they saved us some money on our phone service, by installing a PRI gateway to their SIP switch. Fastmetrics Fiber Optic Internet Service Reviewed by Renee R, Concord on .
5/5 rating
I switched to Fastmetrics from Comcast and was very glad that I did. Fastmetrics really knows their business broadband. They oversaw our install professionally and readily answered all of my questions. My business now has high speed connectivity (100Mbps up & down) with their fiber service. This adds remote access to local servers in our office. Secure offsite backup was INCLUDED, direct to the Fastmetrics data center. Fastmetrics Fiber Optic Internet Service Reviewed by Peter K - CEO - Dragil, Inc. on .
5/5 rating
Very fast up/down link ~20MB/s for the service we paid. Customer support is very responsive and helpful too. Fastmetrics Fiber Optic Internet Service Reviewed by Anthony H, San Carlos on .
5/5 rating
Fastmetrics provides Town and Country Resources with reliable and the most cost effective managed high speed fiber based network service connections available and they ended up, besting their competitors cost of both legacy copper wire based services and fiber based services by a factor of between 2 and 5! Fastmetrics Fiber Optic Internet Service Reviewed by Stanley H - IT Director - Town & Country Services on .
5/5 rating
We have been a customer of Fastmetrics for 6 years. I highly recommend Fastmetrics' 100mbps metricFiber, email, Colo hosting and hosted phone service based on price/performance, uptime, ease of implementation and Fastmetrics support and partnership. Fastmetrics Fiber Optic Internet Service Reviewed by Brian A - CTO - PsPrint - Oakland on .
5/5 rating
We love our 100Mbps Fiber connection and we highly recommend it. Fastmetrics Fiber Optic Internet Service Reviewed by Michael Z - CEO - Citi-Networking Group on .
5/5 rating