Fastmetrics Sample Results

Below, some recent samples of real results from Fastmetrics business customers. These tests cover various internet connection types, provided and supported by us.

What stands out about Fastmetrics results? Most Fastmetrics internet connections provide the added benefit of being symmetric. As a dedicated business ISP, we always strive to provide equal download and upload speeds.

Why is a symmetric internet service connection better? Most Internet Service Providers do not offer symmetric service. As most speed test results prove, upload speed is often an after thought. Many ISPs only market their download speeds (it looks much better). Faster upload speeds are more important for internet users of today. The growing usage of cloud based services and applications, makes faster upload speeds a necessity.

Why do data caps matter? The growing need for bandwidth is crucial for streaming, video, gaming, apps and other internet based services. Most ISPs cap their bandwidth or data usage. You pay extra fees for exceeding those caps.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”No one likes data caps! We don’t like them either. All Fastmetrics #business internet service connections provide unlimited #data.” quote=”No one likes data caps! We don’t like them either. All Fastmetrics business internet service connections provide unlimited data.”]

Fastmetrics Speedtest Results

Most of the results below are from our fiber internet service connections. (Note: San Francisco as the primary location. This is where our data center is. However, our service covers the entire Bay Area).

Fiber is the most popular internet service we provide to our business customers. It meets bandwidth heavy demands, is highly reliable and supports multiple users and functions. 250 x 250 Mbps fiber is popular. Our fiber service, metricFIBER provides speeds up to 10 Gbps upload and 10 Gbps download.

Fiber Internet Speed Result – June 12th, 2017

A lower tier fiber internet speed result. Very close to symmetric for this customer. Note that some bandwidth is required to keep the connection open, hence not the complete 50 Mbps.

fiber internet speed result

Fiber Optic Internet Speed Test – May 22nd, 2017

Fiber speed test for a San Francisco based customer. This fiber connection is used as a backup. Note the upload speed exceeds the download speed.

fiber internet speed result

Fiber Internet Test Result – May 25th, 2017

Very close to a symmetric fiber connection for this San Francisco apparel business. Note that some bandwidth is required to keep the connection open. Hence not the complete 50 Mbps.

fiber internet speed result

Fiber Speedtest.Net Result – May 15th, 2017

A lower tier connection test, coming in at just under 100 Mbps over fiber. Internet service for a Bay Area based business customer.

fiber internet speed result

Fiber Internet Service Test – May 12th, 2017

Symmetric fiber internet connection speed test result for another SF based customer. Note the upload speed of just over 230 Mbps.

fiber internet speed result

Business WiFi Service Speed Test – May 10th, 2017

A good result here for business WiFi service. Note the slightly slower ping of 4 ms. Upload speed is not symmetric, but still fast. We provide completely managed WiFi service. This provides optimal speed performance for a business wireless network.

fiber internet speed result

Fiber Internet Speed Test – May 8th, 2017

Note the upload speed for this test actually exceeds the download speed, which is rare.

fiber internet speed result

Business WiFi  Speed Test From Mobile – 22nd Jan, 2016

Business WiFi test from one of our Network Engineers, after WiFi network setup at a customer location. Using a Samsung mobile device.

metricWIFI Speedtest

Gigabit Fiber Internet Speed Test Result – September 18th, 2015

This 2015 result, shows the capabilities of our Gigabit fiber service. Gigabit internet download speed combines the power of approximately 660 bonded T1s. gigabit fiber internet speed test result

Fiber Internet Speed Result – December 23rd, 2014

Another fiber optic test result here. Good ping time and download speed. Upload speed is still fast at > 600 Mbps, but it’s not as symmetric.

speed test

Fiber Optic Internet Speed Result – October 14th, 2011

This speed test from 2011 is also for a business fiber customer. Note the ping time is a little slower than our gigabit result above.

fiber internet speed result

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Dedicated Business Services


Fiber Internet Service

  • ○ Managed fiber connectivity
  • ○ Unlimited bandwidth
  • ○ Fiber to 10 Gbps symmetric
  • ○ Free install & setup


Ethernet over Copper

EoC Service

  • ○ Faster install time
  • ○ Upgrade that legacy T1 line
  • ○ EoC speeds to 30 x 30 Mbps
  • ○ Free hardware & monitoring


metricDIRECT dedicated ethernet from fastmetrics - bay area business ISP

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