Only 10 benefits to fiber optic internet?

There are definitely many more benefits to fiber optic internet service. Below are 10 of the main advantages. Our infographic aims to highlight what fiber can achieve and if it is suitable for your business.

We believe that the positives of fiber far outweigh the negatives, but some cons of fiber optic internet service for businesses include;

Full disclosure: yes, we sell fiber service. Yes, we still get asked why it costs more than other business internet connections, so we have tried to explain that further as well. It’s not for everyone, that’s for sure. It depends on what your business requirements are.

Do you need fiber internet service?

Quite simply, if you have 10 or more employees who need to access cloud based services such as SugarCRM, dropbox, Google Drive, or a cloud based PBX service (to name just a few), DSL or a T1 line will likely not meet your business needs.

The emergence of cloud computing services and technologies such as SaaS, Paas and IaaS have changed how companies and enterprises do business. The need for instant data / information, along with heightened bandwidth, also highlights some disadvantages of cloud computing.

Slow internet speeds, high latency and ‘maxed out’ connections, can be the cause of losses in business productivity and efficiency. Fiber internet service aims to ensure higher connection speeds for multiple users, (generally more than 10).

To meet higher demands and more bandwidth across the board, Internet Service Providers are aggressively upgrading infrastructure. To compete in the fiber market, (especially now that Google Fiber has rolled out to more residential locations), the good news is that fiber service pricing is now more accessible for residents and businesses alike.

Fiber is a good fit for our business – what are the benefits?

fiber optic internet service benefits infographic fastmetrics

  • Faster cloud access: As mentioned above, fiber delivers on this front. Whether you are supporting multiple team members with CRM access, or hosting, storing or connecting to the cloud, fiber allows high speed access.
  • Free installation: We offer a free installation of fiber on a 3 year term. This term offsets the costs involved, such as obtaining permits to dig fiber trenches, construction and the ‘pull’ of fiber into your building. Yes, in some instances, fiber can take a long time to be activated.
  • Free IP addresses: Fastmetrics offers a block of 64 IP addresses with every fiber connection. If more are required, this can be easily requested.
  • Guaranteed uptime: Uptime of fiber is guaranteed and backed by a Service Level Agreement. The use of glass instead of copper based technology makes fiber optic internet less prone to outages and down time.
  • Symmetric speeds: Upload and download speeds are much higher with a fiber based internet service. Often upload speeds are neglected or throttled by other ISPs.
  • Unlimited data: We hate the thought of putting limits on use of our internet services, so no data caps are in place for any internet connections that we provide.
  • Lower latency: Another key benefit of fiber. Lower latency means packets are sent faster over your network.
  • Increased reliability: Fiber is less prone to downtime like copper based services. It provides consistent and complete coverage, which can be a downfall of wireless service.
  • Efficient IT management: Fiber allows other services to be converged. Business IT services such as phones, hosting and data backups can ‘ride’ on a single fiber connection. This is opposed to say, running separate DSL lines for VoIP or faxing.
  • Gigabit speeds: Fiber can be scaled up to 1Gbps symmetric. Not everyone requires this level of speed, but it is nice to know that as your business grows, you have the means to support the needs and demands of your users.

The main goal of Fastmetrics fiber service is to provide the tool which will support businesses, in what they need to do with an internet connection and it’s associated services.

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