Not all internet connections are equal.

Especially when taking a closer look at dedicated internet access services.

If you’ve ever accessed public WiFi, only to become too frustrated to function by trying to open one email (just one email) you know the costs associated with a slow internet connection.

The stakes only increase when it comes to the quality of your business internet connection. In today’s digital world made up of eCommerce businesses, video conferences, 4K streaming and countless terabytes of cloud computing storage — having dedicated internet access through managed internet services can make all the difference.

A slow connection is just one of the issues that can be shored up by taking advantage of a good managed internet service. The right solution will provide high-speed, dedicated internet access to your business, as well as better customer support, increased reliability, and better security.

What Is Dedicated Internet Access?

Dedicated internet access guarantees that your company is always receiving the maximum bandwidth that you’re paying for. Another popular option is paying for a “shared” connection, where the internet speed advertised in the package you purchased is the maximum (not average) speed your company can receive.

Since a shared connection means that you’re sharing your maximum bandwidth with other people, your internet speed will fluctuate. Speeds can be unpredictable throughout the day. Essentially, it all depends on the internet provider’s network traffic.

These issues are avoided with dedicated internet access, as your company doesn’t have to share bandwidth with anyone—ever. It is a dedicated connection with dedicated bandwidth.

Dedicated Internet Access Explanation Video

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Video transcript: When we think about internet, we don’t think about what type of connection we have. We simply expect fast, reliable service 24/7. The truth is however not all internet connections are created equally.

Today many businesses operate on inexpensive shared internet circuits. On a shared network, if you’re trying to upload time-sensitive files while your peers are streaming data, you’re going to struggle. Because shared circuits equal shared bandwidth.

Businesses such as car dealerships, hotels, medical practices, real estate offices and banks can’t afford inefficient bandwidth and downtime, thus most opt for Dedicated Internet Access, (DIA).

Dedicated circuits provide internet to a single location, meaning bandwidth is only available to the circuit owner. Therefore businesses with DIA actually receive the bandwidth they sign up for. No sharing.

Matching Upload & Download Speeds

If you’re considering a shared internet access agreement, understand that your download speeds are going to be significantly faster than your upload speeds. This is also one of the key differences when comparing internet services like DSL vs Cable vs Fiber.

Shared internet access is set up this way, not because providers are trying to take advantage of you, but because there is usually a higher demand from people using private networks for downloading versus uploading.

two way bicycle lane - metaphor for internet upload and download speeds

Download AND Upload Speeds Are Equally Important In Today’s Business Environment

Nothing is worse than being forced to try and close a deal via video conference, only to have the feed start to lag and get choppy at a crucial moment.

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However, with dedicated internet access, you won’t have that problem, as your download speeds should come very close to being symmetric and matching your upload speeds 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

Securing Your Network

Cyber security for your business should be of utmost importance, especially if you handle any sensitive data—such as employees’ or clients’ personal information. Additionally, cyber security is an essential part of your business’s financial security.

One way to boost your security is by using dedicated internet access. By not having to share your internet connection with those outside of your organization, you can strengthen your overall cyber security and insulate your network against breaches.

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Dedicated Internet Access Can Help Make Your Network More Secure

When you have dedicated internet access, you can worry less about the threats from other networks. This allows you to better allocate your business’s resources toward tackling other weak links in your digital security.

In addition to the basics, some internet service providers will offer additional security features with your dedicated internet access. This will often include firewall options to help block malicious code, viruses and other intrusions. As well as enhanced security services to help you identify spam, malware, and phishing scams.

Identifying and neutralizing these threats is of utmost importance, as they can interrupt business or lead to sensitive data being stolen.

Better Throughput

If you’ve ever witnessed slow internet speeds, despite an internet speed test saying your bandwidth is high, you already know about the importance of throughput.

It feels a bit technical, but the reality of the situation is that the bandwidth your company buys from an Internet Service Provider is not the circuit’s actual throughput. That number is just the bandwidth at which the circuit accesses the provider’s backbone network.

Unfortunately, this means that once your traffic hits the network, it can only move as fast or as slow as the network will allow. The best way to think about this is as if you’re commuting from work during rush hour.

If the backbone network is over-subscribed to, it’s like everyone trying to get out of the city, on the same freeway, at the same time.

Sure, the speed limit is 60 mph and you can zoom up the on-ramp from your place of business, but once you hit the freeway things start moving in a painful, lurching way.

traffic jam in new york city nyc

Shared Internet Service Connections Can Get Jammed Up During Peak Times

In general, dedicated internet access customers are kept on a high-capacity, under-subscribed backbone network, while shared internet connections often run on a backbone network that’s cluttered with traffic — slowing everything down.

Of course, you won’t see this advertised as part of the package when you’re looking into purchasing dedicated internet access. However, it’s something you’ll want to follow up with your sales rep about to ensure you’re getting the most out of your network.

Do You Need Scalable Internet Access?

If your business is still growing—and hopefully it is—having the ability to scale up your resources as you expand is vital. With a dedicated internet connection, it’s easy to move the sliding scale of what internet services you’re paying for to match your needs.

There’s no need to be paying for internet you simply don’t use. Then again, you can always just opt for unlimited data.

Improved Reliability & Customer Support

One of the best parts about having managed internet services is that you most likely won’t need to take advantage of the high-quality, 24/7 customer support that often comes with it.

Dedicated internet access service plans should come with a Service Level Agreement (SLA). This agreement guarantees circuit up time. Typically, an SLA also details a minimum time to resolve connectivity issues (if any), to restore complete service.

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Dedicated Internet Services Often Come With 24/7 Support & Real-time Monitoring

Because you’re being supplied with high-end, reliable equipment, there will be fewer issues with your connection. However, if there is an issue, managed internet providers are quick to solve the problem — they know that your business is counting on them.

Final Thoughts: Choosing The Right Dedicated Internet Access Plan For Your Company

Whether you’re in the Bay Area or halfway around the world, your business’s internet access needs should not be underestimated. Depending on your business, the symmetrical upload and download speeds provided via a managed internet service — as well as better throughput — can be absolutely essential to your success.

Additionally, the security risk of a shared internet package may not be worth the savings. The actual costs and the damage to your brand’s reputation from a data breach could be astronomical, depending on the size of the breach and the sensitivity of the information stolen. When it comes to cyber security, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

The bottom line is that having reliable and dedicated internet access can increase the productivity of your workforce, as well as improve your bottom line.

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