Advantages Of Using A VPN

The Internet serves a variety of purposes today. Due to this, the use of VPN services has become more important. From researching specific information to streaming movies, TV shows and listening to music, we use Internet service for everything conceivable. People are totally dependent on Internet connectivity, to go about their daily lives.

However, the more we use the World Wide Web or stream content online, the more we expose ourselves to outside interference and dangers. These dangers include hackers, censorship, surveillance, fraud and exposing our personal details online. Using the internet without taking precautions can make you susceptible to countless cybercrimes, such as hacking. Potentially, this leads to identity theft or worse – fraud or loss of money. To get protection, this is where a VPN can come in very useful.

What is a VPN

VPN is an abbreviation for Virtual Private Network. It enables you to ‘mask’ your IP address and physical location, as you do what you do on the WWW. Reputable VPN services can be completely free, or upgraded for a very small service fee. VPNs assist with protecting you from surveillance, data breaches and other dangers of the web. This includes hackers, who may want to steal your vital personal information.

What is a VPN?

A VPN or Virtual Public Network is a service that enables you to have a private network over public infrastructure. For example, when you connect to hotel or cafe WiFi, you are using a network which is accessible to other guests, staff and possibly the public. VPN services work by ‘cloaking’ your identity. This prevents others from seeing your IP address. This keeps your devices and personal info safer and more secure.

VPN services can prevent access to hackers and protect your device from potential harm. On the other hand, without a VPN on a public network, your devices and system may be vulnerable. Basically, VPNs help you stay safe and secure, for very little cost. In addition to the added level of security, the benefits are many, as we explain further below. Have a look at some of the best free VPN services available yourself. See in the detail the various advantages of each offering. Many of these services also offer paid tiers for additional features.

Below, we discuss the top reasons to use a VPN for private browsing. This makes it crystal clear as to why using a Virtual Private Network service should be coupled with general internet usage.

1. Streaming Content While Abroad

There are various streaming services around the world, which only allow streaming of content to an audience or subscribers in specific countries, based on your IP address. By using a VPN, you can change your local IP address to access content which is only available to those countries. This means that through a VPN, you can access countless content that’s ideally barred from your country. A VPN allows you to make the most out of the Internet as you’ll be able to access content that other people can’t. This is also handy if you are travelling overseas and want to keep watching your favourite content. If you’re traveling to Germany, for example, you can still access all of your favorite TV shows even those that are barred from Germany as long as you use a VPN.

Streaming Content via a VPN allows access to all content

2. Secure Public WiFi

Using public WiFi in cafes, hotels, restaurants, airports, and other public places can be very convenient. This allows you to work or browse content online whenever and wherever you want to. However, using public WiFi in cafes, hotels, restaurants, airports and other public places can leave you vulnerable to outside threats, because of potentially unsecured networks. Using WiFi in public places without a VPN leaves your laptop or device open to attacks from those within a particular network area. If you’re fond of using public WiFi when transferring funds or giving out personal information, you’ll be susceptible to cybercrimes.

On the other hand, activating a VPN adds a cloak of invisibility to your internet browsing experience. This makes it almost impossible for others to identify your IP address. You can then visit any website or watch anything, without the fear of others snooping. Even if a group has the intention of hacking your system or hardware, they will find they cannot pinpoint your location. This is how VPN services can secure the confidentiality of public WiFi.

public wifi security

3. Circumnavigating Overly Restrictive / Censored Environments

Some businesses and educational institutions restrict content that students and employees can watch or access online. For example, gambling, adult sites and other non-work related websites. There is a growing amount of content online that is definitely not safe for work (NSFW) or that can be legally monitored by employers in countries such as the USA.

However, there may be times when these restrictions block access to legitimate sites required for work purposes or educational research. Regardless of how informative an article is, if it’s restricted in your server, there’s no way you can access that content. This can prevent you from being productive at work or at school. Using a VPN can overcome such restrictive environments. Use your own discretion as to when using this facility is justified. This will help you get the information that you want, without getting into trouble.

Choose Carefully

Using a VPN can improve your browsing experience without compromising your safety and identity during the process. In fact, installing a VPN should be a necessity among people who often use the internet. If you’re still not using this, it’s best if you start scouting for options and purchase one right away.

The more you know, the easier it’ll be for you to choose the right VPN for your needs. All VPNs can provide the mentioned features but each has different price points, which is why it pays to do some research. It is clear that using a Virtual Private Network is advisable in today’s online world. Especially with so many free VPN service options now available. There really is no reason to not to add this extra layer of protection to your daily internet usage.

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