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Use the table below to compare different Fastmetrics internet service offerings. Get important service details you need to make a decision on your next business internet service. Compare upload and download speeds. See what more we offer our customers. For a price indication, see this infographic.

See what sets Fastmetrics apart from other business ISPs.

We summarized important information about our internet services below the table. Compare, choose and request a quote on the internet service right for your business needs. Weighing up fiber vs. broadband service? See how download speeds compare here.

Internet Services Download Speed Upload Speed Tech. Local Support Free Install 24 x 7 Line Monitoring? Data Usage IPs Included Hardware
Bonded ADSL2+ To 30Mbps To 5Mbps Copper Unlimited 1 Loaned
metricCOPPER To 30Mbps To 30Mbps Copper Unlimited 5 Loaned
fiberIVY To 10Gbps To 10Gbps Fiber & Copper Unlimited 5 Loaned
metricFIBER To 10Gbps To 10Gbps Fiber Unlimited 5 Loaned


Less Fine Print. Better Business Internet Services.

We like lots of fine print as much as downloading a movie using dial-up. Our 9 key points help you decide whether Fastmetrics internet services are right for your business;

  1. All Fastmetrics internet services include unlimited data.
  2. Hardware and setup included with service. We use the latest routers, switches and access points.
  3. Free installation. (3 year term required to cover our costs).
  4. Don't want a 3 year term? No problem. Our installation fees are competitive. Contact us to find out.
  5. Need to transfer service? No problem. We will setup your new Bay Area business location. Expect a fee for the new install and setup. Need help moving? Download our free office move checklist.
  6. IPs included. Need more? $1 per IP, per month.
  7. 24 x 7 local tech support from the Bay Area. Includes line monitoring. Read our exceptional ISP support reviews.
  8. Symmetric upload / download speeds. Upgrade speed by sending an email to our support team. Speed options up to 50, 100, 250, 500Mbps, 1Gbps and 10Gbps symmetric.
  9. Up time backed by a Service Level Agreement. We also offer managed business WiFi, with various speed levels.

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All I can say is Andreas is the man!

We were working with another fiber ISP for 2 months and at the last minute they said it would take another 8 weeks to get Internet at our new office. The problem was we were already set to move in the next week and planned the entire move around their original 8 week estimate. So we call Andreas at Fastmetrics and he was able to set us up for 3 T1 lines that week before we moved in and is now getting us the fiber we actually wanted. Fastmetrics treated some random people on the phone like friends getting a hook up... Service doesn't get any better than that.

They were also cheaper than our original vendor :)

Ivan, M
IT Director, San Francisco