Case Study: Multi-Office Bay Area Pediatrics Practice

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Problem: Overcharged & Underserviced For Business Phone Service

A multi-office Bay Area based pediatrics practice approached Fastmetrics to fix a long time problem with their business phone system. Families rely on the practice’s call center receptionists and telephone advice nurses for vital information, but the practice was being overcharged and underserviced for a business phone system from a major national provider. Fastmetrics agreed to improve the practice’s communication system and add more flexibility, so they could more effectively interact with patients’ families.


“With our new Fastmetrics phone system, when shelter-in-place was issued we were able to pivot literally overnight to have the majority of our staff working from home the next day…Fastmetrics has truly been a gamechanger for us”

– Steve, Executive Director – Tamalpais Pediatrics, Larkspur & Novato

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Solution: metricVOICE Upgrade, New Phones & Support For A Better Price

Fastmetrics was attentive to the practice’s immediate need and delivered a new level of service for a better price, a true upgrade. We implemented and set up new equipment and a phone system exactly how the client needed it to work. Following COVID-19 stay at home orders, the practice was able to implement our metricVOICE solution overnight at home without disruptions to communications or business, and employees were able to convey information safely.

Results: More Adaptive Comms & Higher Levels Of Customer Service

Communications, productivity, and efficiency have remained consistent for the pediatric practice despite unprecedented quarantine protocols. Seamless internal and external communications continued even with newly set up remote staff, working from home. The practice was able to adapt immediately to meet patient care and contact needs due to the phone system implemented by Fastmetrics. All at a lower cost with higher levels of customer service.

Services Supported For Tamalpais Pediatrics:

metricVOICE: Adaptive Business Voice & UCaaS Solution

All features included with metricVOICE for a flat monthly service fee, can be seen here in this voice features list.

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