Recommended Bluetooth Headset Compatible Phones

Recently, we had a some great questions about bluetooth headset compatibility, from a hosted cloud PBX client.

Our client and their office staff currently use Yealink T41P business phones with their Fastmetrics voice service.

The questions from the client were;

  1. Is it possible to use a bluetooth headset with my Yealink T41P phone? (If not, what Yealink phone model would I need).
  2. What is the the best bluetooth headset to use with my Yealink business phone?
  3. How much will it cost?

Fastmetrics CEO Andreas, emailed the client initially. Andreas confirmed that the Yealink T41P is not bluetooth compatible, without further customization, or an upgrade to the T46G model.

Yealink T41P business phone needs a bluetooth adapter for bluetooth wireless headset compatability

Yealink T41P Business Phone

The T46G Yealink is a bluetooth headset compatible business phone, straight out of the box;

Yealink T46G bluetooth compatible SIP business phone

Andreas also mentioned to our customer, that other phones which are compatible with bluetooth headsets are the Polycom VVX series, which Fastmetrics also supports.

What Are The Best Bluetooth Headset Compatible Phones? 

Further follow up info was provided by Allen, a specialist Voice Technician in our local San Francisco Tech Support Team.

“For direct bluetooth headset support, the Yealink T46G and the Polycom VVX600 are best. The Polycom VVX500 is a close second.

However, your existing phone can be served by a base station type bluetooth headset. Devices like the Yealink EHS Adapter (EHS36) might be necessary depending on the headset model you choose”.

Yealink EHS36 Wireless Bluetooth Headset Adapter

Yealink EHS36 wireless bluetooth headset adapter

What Are Compatible Bluetooth Headsets For Yealink Phones?

Allen also provided the following info from personal testing;

“You will find more bluetooth compatible headsets under the heading; ‘Tested wireless headset list compatible with Yealink IP Phone‘ in this link:

Personally, I have used the Yealink T46G with a bluetooth dongle installed and it works great.

I use the same bluetooth headset for my cell phone to make calls with.  The same goes for the Polycom VVX500 and the Polycom VVX600 phones”.

Allen Agello – Voice Technician Fastmetrics

What Do Bluetooth Headsets & Compatible Phones Cost?

Fastmetrics offers free phones for all customers who sign a 3 year contract for voice service. (This does not include blue tooth headsets).

Here are some further prices for the bluetooth equipment and phones mentioned above, which we found online.