How To Make A Voice Call via Webphone

The below video shows users how to make a voice call to an existing contact or any phone number, using the browser-based webphone. Webphones are a standard inclusion for all metricVOICE UCaaS users. Secure browser based calling allows users to make voice calls from everywhere. Simply login to start using your browser-based metricWEBPHONE to make calls, send chats, text and setup conference calls and more.

Free calls are one of many standard features included with metricVOICE UCaaS from Fastmetrics. (A free demo is available to anyone to try it out). All users are given their own online portal, which they can log into. Call, chat, conference and text (SMS) directly from any browser, cell or free mobile apps from anywhere. Administrators are given ‘admin rights’ which allows extra features, such as adding new users, devices and more.

A cloud based remote solution, metricVOICE works anywhere and across devices. It is a flat-fee service, with all features included (no add on fees). Other standard features include business telephony, texting, instant messaging, auto attendants, conferencing, voicemail and voice to text. It also integrates with MS Teams, email services, CRMs and other business tools and apps, offering a complete business telephony solution, backed by local support in the USA.