How To Set Up Time Frames

Time frames are used to determine when answering rules take effect. For example, I want to make a rule that forwards calls to my cell phone if I don’t answer my work phone but I only want it to do so during work hours.

Once a time frame is used for an answering rule, it will not longer be available to use with another. You must have a time frame for every answering rule even if the time frames are the same. In that case you have to create another one but with a different name. For example always and always2.

Select Time Frames from the top menu.

We Interface Time Frames 1

Select Add Time Frame at the top right.

We Interface Time Frames 2

Give the time frame a name.

We Interface Time Frames 3

Select when you want the Time Frame to take effect. Click Save. You can now use your new time frame on the Answering Rules page.

We Interface Time Frames 4

You can also set specific dates. For example, if you are on vacation and want your phone calls automatically forwarded to your voicemail box.

We Interface Time Frames 5