Bria Softphone User Guide Videos

A Bria Softphone from Counterpath offers the flexibility of managing incoming and outgoing voice or video phone calls from your desktop. This softphone with click to call capability compliments or can completely replace your business phone hardware. It integrates with any business VoIP service.

Why We Love The Bria Softphone Solution

We have continuously recommended and supported Bria solutions because they integrate so easily with the hosted business VoIP and SIP phone services we offer. Because we use a privately managed voice network, our VoIP lines never travel over the public Internet. This ensures better call quality. Combined with Bria, this is a very cost efficient business phone service for our clients.

With Bria, users receive voice and video calling, presence, contact management and voicemail support, plus they can save money. No heavy investments in phone handsets or hardware. Buy Bria softphones from CounterPath by clicking on the link highlighted.

bria softphone call

Bria Video Call (Bria 3 Softphone shown)

Bria Softphone Features Available

In addition to click to call / answer capabilities, Bria Softphones include instant messaging (IM), HD voice calls and you can see when all of your contacts are on or offline. The softphone integrates seamlessly with any business VoIP service. The latest version, Bria 4.1, also has add-ons for syncing with your Outlook email, as well as a screen sharing feature. Check out a complete list of Bria Softphone features.

Bria Softphone Video Guides

Our Lead Voice Technician, Matt Smith, has put together these user guide and setup videos on the Bria 4 Softphone. Two videos to watch; (1)  an overview of the Bria softphone user interface (latest 4.1 version) and (2) how to transfer a call / conference using the softphone. Enjoy!

Bria 4 Softphone User Interface Overview Video

How To Transfer & Conference Calls Using Bria 4 Softphones

Stay tuned for more video guides from Fastmetrics. In the mean time, you can check out the website, who also provide an app for mobile devices and many other dynamic business communication solutions.