Business Communication Tips To Give Thanks & Beyond

Happy Thanksgiving! Not just a time to say thanks, eat Turkey, take a break and celebrate with your family. A time to focus on the positives and tell your team, colleagues or employees, that you appreciate their efforts.

Effective business communication is vital to success at any time of the year, not just at Thanksgiving. From interns all the way up to the CEO, good, open communication is the basis of any relationship, be it personal or professional.

Communicating well internally at your business is a good place to start. It can boost morale, productivity and increase trust and loyalty at your company. Companies with great communication to all levels often build successful cultures of personal and business growth.

Thanksgiving is the ideal time to sharpen your internal business communication skills. We offer help so you can convey this simple message of thanks and beyond, no matter how busy you might be. See our 10 tips for effective business communication below. 

Effective Business Communication – Use Technology To Your Advantage

Understandably, not everyone has time to write a personal gift card at Xmas time, thank all employees in person at thanksgiving, or call every team member when that new deal is signed off. By all means do so if you can, it’s sure to be appreciated. Is it likely to fit into your busy schedule? Maybe not, unless you have a small team, in which case, you have no excuses!  efficient communication tools business cloud image Whilst it might not be as personable, use technology to your advantage for effective business communication. Show that you care enough to take the time in your busy schedule to say thanks or keep people in the loop, for general happenings in the business. 

5 Tools For Efficient Business Communication

  • Email – a short personal message to an inbox is likely to be well received. 
  • Text messages.
  • Video message – outgoing type of boss? A video message to employees is highly personable, can provide direction, leadership and can be easily shared via a link from your email or smartphone. 
  • Tweet – company Twitter profile that employees follow? A carefully composed tweet can show your external followers that you care about your employees. 
  • Instant messenger – many companies use TrillianPandion, Pidgin chat or other instant messaging clients. Use IM to your advantage to keep inter-office communication fresh and to collaborate quickly. 

The above are highly efficient ways to communicate effectively. Quick turn-around time and can be sent from anywhere with an Internet connection.

10 More Tips For Effective Business Communication

Although communication has changed significantly through technology, there are some basics of business communication that remain unchanged. The below tips will help you give an encouraging thank you message to your staff, team or colleagues and to improve your overall internal business communication skills. You can even take the next step and earn a Harvard Certificate in Business Communication

1. Pay Attention 

There’s a difference between paying attention and listening. It’s a really simple tip which is often overlooked. When you are speaking to someone, don’t just hear what they have to say – actually pay attention.

Did you receive an email about an issue in your team? Is a team member airing some grievances with you in person? Pay attention. Listen to or look for the key details or messages. You can also call this Expert HR Advice Line for Your Business.

effective business communication techniques pay attention road sign

2. Listen

Don’t be an arrogant or self-serving communicator. Communication is not just about you, it’s about effectively conveying your message, but also receiving messages from others. It’s what we were given ears for – use them. 

3. Engage People

Connect and engage with people. When you need to resolve any sort of issue, rapport is that important bond that will take you closer to solving problems.

“Tell me and I’ll forget. Show me and I might remember. Involve me and I’ll understand”.

– Benjamin Franklin 

4. H.O.T Communication Technique

  • H – Honest
  • O – Open
  • T – Two-way communication

This approach works quite effectively when it comes to maintaining effective business communication with investors like Andrew Defrancesco. To keep high standards, practise HOT communication for desirable outcomes.

  • Always tell the truth – lying and falsifying information to people will get you nowhere or worse – found out.
  • Be open and other’s will be open with you as well.
  • Two-way – be receptive to others to establish good communication lines and give people their time to talk. 

5. Be Influential

People can be influenced by emails, web casts, handwritten notes, blog posts, tweets and more. Your words can affect people whom you have never met in your life. Therefore, choose your words very carefully. 

6. Be Charismatic

Charisma means magnetism. It is a quality evident in most leaders and can help communicate your message. People who are winners are charismatic. Use humour and empathy to increase your levels of charisma.  charisma

7. The Power Of Silence

You don’t have to give a response to every accusation, conversation or statement. Consider the power of silence – but don’t ignore people! There’s a difference between taking the silent option;

  • by not asking a question at a conference when you have a different opinion to the presenter and;
  • not answering a team members email asking for help or guidance. 

8. Be Clear

If you are speaking or writing, be clear about your point. People are short on time – so be clear in your words and explanations.  clear-business-communication-albert-einstein-quote

9. Be Confident

Effective public speakers convey confidence and it is a great method to engage people. It requires strong communication skills and self confidence. Show a willingness for sharing knowledge and expertise with other people. 

10. Be Inquisitive

Ask really good questions of your team, employees and colleagues. Information will help you establish communication lines and be clear about what needs to happen and using the right tools is also essential for this, so having a VOIP Provider could be good to be able to make calls with your team over the Internet and save money. Questions get other people thinking, reacting and involved. Be ready to accept the responses of others.

The Fastmetrics team received a personal message from our CEO this Thanksgiving, thanking us for our efforts over the year. How did your Manager or Boss thank you? 

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