Fiber Optic Internet Critical Factor In Choosing Office Space

Fastmetrics has been featured in the latest Colliers International Spark: plug into peak productivity report; ‘Why Fiber Optic Should Be A Critical Factor In Choosing Office Space’. 

Download the Colliers PDF report here

This Colliers productivity report, published on June 21st 2016, looks at commercial office space and why fiber optic internet is a critical consideration to business operations. It focuses on the benefits of fiber optic internet for commercial and business real estate occupants.

“Companies that use cloud computing need reliable transfer of data over the internet, to store and access their information from data centers. The “cloud” is an extension of the office facility, and therefore, high quality and redundant internet connectivity should be a paramount consideration”– Geoff Kee – Manager, Real Estate at TeroGo Networks Inc


Colliers International Report Featuring Fastmetrics

Fastmetrics was approached by Toronto based Colliers Senior Analyst, Shawn Gilligan. Shawn requested inclusion of our fiber optic download speed table within the report. Our original table compares fiber optic download times against broadband speeds. See the Fastmetrics table featured by Colliers on page 3 of the PDF report. The report focuses primarily on the Canadian commercial real estate market. It includes useful information for commercial real estate markets across the globe.

If you run a business and are considering moving premises, or opening a new office space, check out page 6 for a useful tenant fiber optic internet checklist. Alternatively, click on the link here to view a one page summary of the Spark: Plug in to Peak Productivity report.