How A Cloud Phone System Benefits Business

Is your business using or considering a cloud phone system? Today, e-mails, texts and instant messaging accounts for a significant portion of daily communications. However, a good old fashion phone call is far from obsolete. That’s particularly true in the business world.

Regardless of business size or industry, a reliable phone service is a necessity. As with many business decisions, selecting the right business phone system for your specific needs can be overwhelming.  

In the past, many businesses were forced to implement a Public Branch Exchange (PBX). A PBX is an on-premise or on-site telephone network. A PBX required bulky hardware, dedicated storage and a significant investment in management and maintenance. As such, a PBX phone system often lacked affordability, flexibility and security.

business meeting out of office with smartphones connected via cloud phone system

Take office phone presence with you, via a flexible cloud setup

Thanks to ongoing advancements in networking and digital technology, the traditional PBX is no longer the only option when it comes to business phone systems. Instead, many businesses and organizations are turning to external virtual hosted PBX solutions, also referred to as cloud phone systems.

A cloud phone system is managed off-site and accessible anywhere online. These IP powered phone systems make it easier for businesses to tap into enhanced communication features, without investing in on-site management and maintenance. 

Not sure if cloud phones are right for you? Below are 5 reasons why today’s businesses are opting for the convenience, versatility and cost-effectiveness of cloud phone systems.


Cloud Phone System: Limited Maintenance & Administrative Requirements

Businesses employing traditional PBXs must train, certify or designate an individual (or multiple) employees or hire external contractors to manage and maintain a PBX phone system. This limitation can create an environment where maintenance and updates are not only disruptive, but inefficient and costly. This can unnecessarily eat away at budget or other critical ITC tasks, preventing business growth and development.

A cloud phone system is hosted off-site. It is managed by a phone service provider. Business owners no longer need to sacrifice excessive financial or human capital to obtain reliable phone service, with enterprise-level features and functionality. 

Administration of a cloud phone system is also simplified. Simple online access, like this web based metricVOICE dashboard, allow easy control of phone functions and setup. At any time, anywhere. No advanced IT work is required – anyone phone user can do it. Remote workers can be efficiently setup with phone service too. Shifting phone service from on-premise hardware to a cloud based solution, empowers users to make changes efficiently. Adding rules or setting up out of office, can be done with the click of a button. 

Improved Security & Disaster Recovery

When businesses rely on an on-premise PBX, they’re typically housing all their equipment in a single location. This leaves a phone service vulnerable to everything from human error to power failures, fires, or natural disasters.  

Conversely, a cloud hosted PBX utilizes remote data centers to mitigate that risk. Servers are protected by layers of physical and network security. This makes it difficult for outside threats to compromise services and information. Along that same line, many cloud phone systems provide redundancy to keep service secure and accessible. Because of this, service is maintained at–recovery-services/ even if one or multiple servers suffer a geographical failure.

A Cloud Phone System Provides Global Reach

As the needs of  a business, as well as their customers and employees extend beyond the physical boundaries of a single building, the importance of a communication system that can adapt to that need is essential to both scalability and security, not to mention a business’s reputation.

Because cloud phone systems can seamlessly integrate with mobile devices, owners and employees alike have access to the phone system regardless of where they are, allowing for seamless productivity. The same is true for companies that have or expect to have multiple locations. A cloud PBX can connect all locations with a unified front (e.g., one phone number can route calls to locations around the globe).

Cloud Flexibility & Remote Workforce Presence

Planning on scaling up business? Opening a new branch and need immediate access to phone based communications? With a cloud phone system, businesses can enjoy increased adaptability without sacrificing their bottom line. This flexibility isn’t limited to phone lines, which can be added and removed as needed. It is also attributed to mobile presence by smart phone apps and features which enable a truly mobile workforce. 

people using a cloud based phone system app on their smart phones away from the office

Remote workers can be easily setup with business phone service with a cloud based system

Fastmetrics for example, offers customers access to a robust list of included phone features. These include basic business phone service requirements such as call forwarding, conferencing, auto attendants and voicemail to text. Also numerous advanced options, such as click-to-dial CRM integration via the metricCRMconnect Chrome extension.

Service & Call Cost Savings With Cloud Hosted Phones

Cloud business phone systems negate the need for unnecessary hardware maintenance, management and advanced administration. This is typically associated with on-premise PBX systems. In turn, companies can adapt and change as necessary. This brings significant savings to those who make the switch to cloud phone services.

How much can you save? That depends on a variety of factors, such as the number of lines you need. A recent report by Transparency Market Research suggests the cost of phone system ownership can decrease significantly, via a cloud based or virtual PBX. Other reports frequently suggest savings near 60% to 90%, particularly when international calling costs are factored in.

This notion is supported by Fastmetrics business phone service rates. We provide monthly phone service for as little as $20 a line. Our metricVOICE service is a completely managed service to ensure voice quality. It enables businesses to meet customer needs, whilst maintaining a cost-effective and versatile service. When it comes to communication, cloud phone services represent a way to achieve that goal. 

Got questions about a cloud phone system or service benefits? Contact Fastmetrics.

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