Must Have iPhone Security Apps

In light of the recent iCloud celebrity hacking controversy, there’s no better time to ensure you have the latest iPhone security apps to protect your personal data and cloud access. Flawed security or not, this has not slowed iPhone sales down. The release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus overshadowed news that in the last few weeks, Apple sold it’s 500 millionth iPhone.

Best iPhone Security Apps Available Today

The iCloud hack targeted and exploited Apple’s Find My iPhone app. It has been written this flaw was reported to Apple as early as March 26th. There might be some security apps you are missing out on and the below apps are carefully selected on the basis of ratings, user comments and user-friendliness.

PocketCloud Remote Access App by Wyse Technology ($14.99)

The PocketCloud app for iPhone is the most expensive security app on this list. However, it delivers a secure and quick way to remotely connect, access pictures, videos, games and files with a simple installation.

pocketcloud app


Wickr “Self-Destructing, Secure, Private, Anonymous Messages & Media” (Free)

The Wickr app is designed by a team of privacy and security experts who believe that “private communication is the right of every human”, so they made this iPhone security application free. Recently, the DNC launched a tech marketplace for Democrat candidates. Wickr is the recommended secure messaging app on this new Democrat platform. (Disclosure: Wickr is also a Fastmetrics customer).

Wickr sends messages, tells you who sees it, shows the duration of the message and location. It has military grade encryption and is fully integrated to send images, PDF files from Box and Google Drive.
wickr app


SplashID – Safe Password Manager (Free)

SplashID allows you to lock usernames, credit card data, registration codes etc without any fear of breach of privacy. This app also allows the creation of customized categories and records.

splashID app

Snap “Simple Network Area Prober” by 9 Bit Labs ($1.99)

The Snap app scans the network around you to discovering nearby routers, other iPhones, servers etc and display any name information available and also IP addresses. It’s handy to discover open ports.snap app network scan 

WISeID “Password Manager & Secure Wallet” (Free)

This is an easy to use iPhone security app. WISeID safely encrypts and stores data such as PIN numbers, passwords, credit card info, photos etc. WISeID also gives the option of face recognition, password and dot patterns for enhanced security.


mSecure Password Manager App by mSeven Software ($9.99)

The mSecure app is like an insurance policy for any iPhone. It secures various types of personal data such as credit card info, social security numbers, logins etc and has 256 bit blowfish encryption, with a free backup utility.

Secure Folder PRO by iDevMobile ($2.99)

The Secure Folder PRO app is similar to the mSecure app but at a lower price. It has a keypad code lock along with pattern lock for securing your pictures, videos, text messages and passwords etc. It identifies intruders with photo and GPS tracking. You also get a secret website, private navigation system and bookmarks without any tracking history.

secure folder pro

Hotspot Shield VPN by AnchorFree (Free)

Hotspot Shield VPN is a free iPhone security app that is actually a great way to save money. Especially if you are on a data plan while enjoying protection when using WiFi hotspots. The VPN encrypts all kinds of traffic for protecting your identity, to stop unnecessary tracking and to protect your IP address. You are also notified and saved from spam, phishing and other rogue sites with protection from Malware. It does all this without blowing out data usage with the use of bandwidth compression. You also have the ability to unlock any blocked content or websites. Enjoy Facebook on your iPhone even when your boss has blocked it in your office.

hotspot vpn shield Monitor & Control Security System App (Free)

This app is truly amazing and provides interactive remote security from a distance. This is a free app that requires a compatible system with an interactive service plan from  It allows users to monitor their home or business in real time, while the iPhone user can be anywhere on earth.

Watch live video and also record videos from your security cameras and turn lights off or on, change the temperature of thermostat and you can even search the history of a complete system. You can also text, email and setup push notifications for when employees arrive, when a garage door is left open or if someone has changed the temperature on a thermostat. With this iPhone security app you can spy (monitor) on your business and home at anytime from anywhere in the world and do it absolutely free. security app
If you’re installing new iPhone security apps or other applications in general, be sure you are also maintaining optimal iPhone battery life.

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