The Role of IoT Devices In Today’s Workplace

At a time when technology is rapidly advancing, various new workplace trends are emerging. One way to ensure your company or business is offering a modern work space experience for your employees, is through IoT devices. Work spaces not only affect the well-being and productivity of employees, but they also enhance company culture. They even help in attracting and retaining future talent.

amazon smart speaker is an iot device that can improve workplace experience

Co-working spaces are common today, as startups and businesses seek the flexibility of short term leasing and adaptive spaces. Co-working service providers such as Industrious, emphasize the positive effect of good work spaces. Thoughtfully designed spaces and hospitality-driven workplace experiences often bring out the best in teams, whether you’re just launching a new business, growing an existing project, or entering new markets. That being said, small – yet meaningful workplace modifications, can be instrumental in achieving an optimal work space.

Modern Workplace Trends

In 2019, Millennial’s and Gen Z accounted for approximately 38% of the entire workforce in the USA. In 2020, this figure will shoot up to 58%, making the youthful generation the most dominant sector that drives workplace trends, along with their new values and priorities. One of the leading workplace trends for this year is ’employee experience’. A concept that has evolved from employee satisfaction and employee engagement, Forbes pointed out that employee experience includes everything that ensures workers are happy, healthy and fulfilled. Employee experience can be influenced by a number of factors such as the mental health awareness policies of a company, flexibility of the working options available and even how conducive the workplace is for work.

co-working space shows employees connected via iot devices

Another notable trend is the growing influence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology in almost every aspect of the workplace. In fact, PwC predicts that the advances in AI will boost global GDP by $15.7 trillion by the year 2030. Many hold fears that jobs will be taken over by AI. In actual reality, this technology looks to be primarily utilized in performing mundane yet important functions. These functions may include analyzing large amounts of data and spotting patterns in information that is beyond the detection of the human eye alone. There is little doubt that overall employee experience will be enhanced via the maximized workflow and increased efficiency, that AI allows.

How To Introduce IoT Into The Workplace

Of course, to stay ahead of the latest workplace trends, introducing IoT devices in your work space is essential. ZDNet’s article divides IoT into three main categories, namely infrastructure, re-purposed smart home devices and business-specific IoT devices. Use these three categories as a guide, when introducing IoT devices into your workplace.

  • Infrastructure: a start can be made from using building management systems that control heating, air conditioning, doors and even office security and alarm systems. All powered through apps, via Internet connectivity at your business.
  • Re-purposed smart home devices: IoT compatible hardware such as smart speakers, plugs, light bulbs, locks, coffee machines and similar, nurture and enhance a comfortable environment for employees. As the classic saying goes – ‘a happy employee is a productive employee’.
  • Business-specific IoT devices: various existing tech such as large-screen displays and video-conferencing setups to make them more useful and easier to control. You can also introduce smart desks that warn employees if they’ve been sitting or standing too long and gather data to encourage them to improve their habits and care more about their health while they work.

While IoT devices have been mainly used to ‘smarten’ homes, you can also turn to them to modernize your work space and encourage efficiency, productivity and comfort. Of course, you will only be able to make the most out of IoT if you have reliable Internet service, such as an optimized WiFi for business connection. For a look into the future of faster and more efficient workplace wireless networks, check out our post on what WiFi 6 is.

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