Unlimited Free Video Chat – No Account Needed

To support remote workers, communication and collaboration between teams and anyone, Fastmetrics now provides free video chat via meet.fastmetrics.com. Video conference completely free, with unlimited HD video calls. Meet with your team or anyone using your desktop, laptop or mobile. See our guide below on how to setup a video call and invite people to your meeting.

Note: The Chrome web browser is recommended by both Mac and Windows users to support the meet.fastmetrics.com free video call solution. For ALL browsers and some VPN users, ensure your VPN is not auto blocking WebRTC and that WebRTC is enabled in your Chrome browser.

Fastmetrics Free Video Chat – 10 Benefits

  • No sign up, account or software required
  • Free video calls (no time restrictions)
  • End to end encryption
  • Fully featured video and audio conferencing
  • Screen share and moderator options
  • Integrated chat messages with emojis (web only)
  • Managed video quality with HD, standard or low bandwidth settings
  • Participant talk time stats
  • Live stream function
  • Backed by the Jitsi open source developer community

Launch a free video call now by clicking below;

Free Video Chat & Conferencing Solution by Fastmetrics

Launch a free video call now!

Free Video Call FAQs:

How do I setup a video call or conference?

  1. If using a desktop or laptop, visit; https://meet.fastmetrics.com/
  2. Click the blue ‘GO’ button, after the random meeting name generator populates in the white ‘Start a new meeting’ field. This creates your unique call URL, which you can now setup.
  3. Alternatively, create your own descriptive meeting name in the ‘Start a new meeting field’ and please the blue ‘GO’ button.
  4. Clicking ‘GO’ creates a meeting URL in a new tab in your browser
  5. On the new meeting URL in your browser, create a meeting password (if desired).
  6. Copy the URL from your browser (or from the ‘information’ or white circle with an ‘i’ on it)
  7. Share your unique meeting URL with participants via email or your messaging service of choice
  8. As the creator of the video call URL, you control the sharing of the URL and a password, if you choose to use a password

Are video calls high quality?

The Jitsi tech, which powers our free video calls, offers HD video conferencing. This can be adjusted to standard definition and also low bandwidth options. (It is important to remember that Internet connection quality and bandwidth can influence call quality). To preview video call quality, we encourage anyone to launch and try a free video call with meet.fastmetrics.com. Below are screenshots from a MacBook and a Lenovo laptop, for a two person call. As well as a three person video call, using the same laptops and an iPad.

fastmetrics 2 person free video call with unique meeting name preview

2 Person Video Call Using A MacBook & Lenovo Laptop

fastmetrics free video call with 3 people preview

3 Person Video Call Using A MacBook, Lenovo Laptop & iPad

How do I setup a free video call from my mobile or cell phone?

  1. For iOS or Android devices, install the free Jitsi meet app on your phone or mobile device.
  • Free Android app is here.
  • Free iOS app is here.

The app is similar to the desktop version. You can now start free video chats directly from the app in your mobile device, or follow the below steps to start a call using the Fastmetrics video conferencing platform;

  1. Visit; https://meet.fastmetrics.com/ in your mobile browser
  2. Type in your unique meeting name and click ‘GO’
  3. Click ‘Continue to the app’. This will start your video call in the Jitsi meet app
  4. Use the ‘Invite others’ button to share your audio or video call with others

How many people can I have on a video call or conference?

  • ‘Hard’ limit of 75 call participants is recommended
  • 35 participants is the optimal ‘soft’ limit for a single call, to ensure high quality video
  • It is possible to add more participants than the ‘hard’ limit, if video is switched off for all users (especially for those with slow Internet connections)
  • It is also possible to reach a wider audience using the live stream feature, which will broadcast a call or conference via YouTube

The Jitsi developer community is currently looking into raising the ‘hard’ cap on a single call to 100 participants. A release is expected soon to upgrade this number.

How do I know my video chat or conference is secure? 

Firstly, the Jitsi technology which powers Fastmetrics free video chat and audio calls is fully encrypted end to end. It is highly secure for two person calls to multi-party conference calls. A meeting room only becomes active, after the first call participant joins. Meeting rooms, chat data and speaker stats are all ‘destroyed’ when the last call participant leaves.

Secondly, it is highly recommended to set passwords on your video calls (although optional). It is easy to do though and adds an extra level of security. A password can be added or edited within the ‘information’ or white ‘i’ circle, in the bottom right of the screen call on a desktop or laptop. To do this in the mobile app, click in the ‘More options’ menu. Passwords must be shared by you, with meeting participants.

Finally, only share meeting URLs with required participants. Do not share or advertise meeting room names on public pages, websites, forums or social media channels. Unless you want strangers popping up in your video conferences!

Can I save a meeting for recurring video calls?

Yes. Every meeting created by you, is saved as a meeting name only in your browser @ meet.fastmetrics.com or in the Jitsi meet app. Video and audio are not active in this state. (Only the meeting name is saved, not the call). Additionally, dates and times that calls occurred and duration are also provided. For recurring calls, simply click on the link to reactivate the call, then share the link with participants you want to join.

Tips For Creating Secure Video Meeting Names

Tip 1: This free video call solution offers a random name generator. See it in action automatically in the ‘Start a new meeting’ field. Subsequently, it is not a requirement to create a new meeting name at all to create a call. Just click the blue GO button, after the random generator has completely populated a random meeting name.

random meeting name generator for meetings

Tip 2: If you do want a custom meeting name in the ‘Start a new meeting’ field, use descriptive, longer words. This reduces the chances of an unwanted guests joining your call or video conference. (Especially for large scale organizations or meetings with a lot of interest).

Example 1: https://meet.fastmetrics.com/videocall – very broad. Easy to guess. Unsafe.
Example 2: https://meet.fastmetrics.com/fastmetricsvideocallmaytenth – descriptive. Unique brand name. Safer.

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