Most Popular Fiber News 2016

You likely heard the fiber internet news in June – Google Fiber acquired local Wireless Internet Service Provider, Webpass. This acquisition and other Google Fiber developments, dominated fiber news headlines over the last year. We thought it an opportune time to look back and recap on the most popular fiber internet news over the last 12 months. Here are the most shared stories, as discovered via BuzzSumo.

10 most popular fiber internet news stories

Counting Down The Most Shared Fiber Internet News

Number 10. Coming in at number 10 with 5,000 shares on social media, Clinton Nguyen’s article on Vice; “Gigabit Internet Prices in This Small Town May One Day Beat Google Fiber“. Clinton’s content was published on the December 15th, 2015. Follow / see more of Clinton’s stories here; @clinton_ngn

Number 9. At number 9, with just over 5,000 shares on social media, Kerry Close’s article on Money Magazine; “Google Is Working on a Wireless Home Internet Service So You Can Dump Comcast“. Kerry’s report was published on the April 16th, 2016. Follow Kerry and see more of her reports here; @KerryClose

Number 8. At number 8, with 5,100 shares on social media, Sheldon Shafer’s piece on the Courier- Journal; “Google Fiber, city examine ultrafast Internet“. Sheldon’s article was published on September 11th, 2015. Follow and see more of Sheldon’s work here; @sheldonshafer

Number 7. Jon Russel’s report on Google Fiber’s acquisition of Webpass, received a great amount of attention online. It was published on TechCrunch and has had 5.5k shares on social media; “Google Fiber is buying high-speed internet provider Webpass“. Jon’s story was published on June 22nd, 2016. Follow and see Jon’s stories here; @jonrussell

Number 6. Lee Roop’s report on about Google Fiber has been shared 5.9k times on social media to date. Lee’s story; “Google Fiber is bringing its ultra-fast Internet service to Huntsville“, was published on February 22nd, 2016. Follow and see more reports from Lee here; @leeroop

Top 5 Fiber Internet News Stories Start Here

Number 5. Klint Finley also wrote about Google’s acquisition of Webpass on; “Google Fiber Just Swallowed Up Another Internet Provider“. Klint’s report has had 6.9k shares on social media, after publication on the 23rd of June, this year. Follow and see more of Klint’s work here; @klintron

Number 4. At number 4, Tech Journalist Bob Dorman’s excellent resource on Ars Technica; “How the Internet works: Submarine fiber, brains in jars, and coaxial cables“. Bob’s content was published on May 25th, 2016. It has had 7.2k shares across social media. Follow Bob here; @BobDorman

Number 3. Meg Graham’s report on the Chicago Tribune; “Google Fiber superfast Internet service may come to Chicago” has attracted 9.1k shares on social media. Published on December 8th, 2015. Follow Meg and see her stories here; @megancgraham

Number 2. At number 2, Souvik Ray’s article on the The Indian Times; “Andhra Pradesh CM Launches Affordable High Speed Fiber Optic Broadband Internet“, generated 9.7k social shares. Follow Souvik here; @scandictouch

Number 1. With a massive 26.6k shares on social media: Alex Kuzoian’s animated video on Business Insider; “Animated map reveals the 885,000km of cable hidden under the ocean that power the internet“. This video was published on September 2nd, 2015. Follow Business Insider here; @businessinsider for more great content.

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