Fiber internet – a smarter solution for today’s internet users

As a business, we have received an explosion of fiber internet service inquiries in the last year, for both businesses and residential (home) users. We can attribute this spike in interest to evolving internet habits and the way the internet is used as a utility today.

Worldwide, more and more people are needing faster internet service with increased bandwidth, to meet requirements. Users want to do a wider variety of things on the Internet, more often.

Fact 1: Global internet traffic has exploded. Cisco predicts in it’s Visual Networking Index White Paper, that today’s IP traffic will increase threefold over the next 5 years.

Fact 2: Internet speeds of 2 or more years ago, are no longer acceptable for today’s increasing demands.

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Infographic: How fiber internet bandwidth can benefit your business

5 Reasons Your Business Might Need Fiber Internet by Fastmetrics

5 reasons your business needs more bandwidth

  1. Email with large attachments: Email with large attachments and company intranets on average consume 6.8Mbps of peak bandwidth.
  2. File sharing with cloud backups: According to Gartner research, 12.2Mbps of peak bandwidth is required per user, for simple file sharing and cloud backups.
  3. Supporting cloud applications: The amount of digital information being shared today, grew by 9 times in the last 5 years. This includes info such as documents, photos and even Tweets!
  4. Video conferencing and streaming: Video streaming uses a huge amount of bandwidth. On average, HD video streaming uses 6Mbps upstream bandwidth per user.
  5. Wireless WiFi connections:  If you also supply a business WiFi service to your employees or guests, higher bandwidth is likely to be required. This year, IP traffic from wireless and mobile devices will exceed traffic from ‘wired’ devices.

Basically, fiber internet service suits businesses or residents with heavy bandwidth needs; frequent file sharing or cloud demands, high upload / download or streaming requirements.

Is your current internet service hindering productivity?

A simple internet speed test can reveal some interesting things about your current internet connection. Upload and download speeds and latency times matter more than ever.

Now think about the time your workforce or team spends waiting for uploads, downloads, files or applications to load. This ‘micro’ downtime is inefficient and can be a drain on business productivity.

It’s possible your internet service is already slowing down or ‘maxing out’, (especially during peak times), due to a lack of bandwidth. See some reasons for slow internet here.

What other benefits does fiber internet provide?

For further info on benefits of fiber, see 10 further benefits of fiber internet service.

What fiber internet speeds are available?

For business use within buildings or offices, Fastmetrics fiber internet is widely available throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Our fiber is scalable to 1Gbps symmetric.

For residential users / homes, Google has announced plans to bring fiber to San Francisco, along with it’s existing fiber-lit cities. It’s plans for residents offer Gigabit speeds and are very cost effective. Check out further fiber internet providers across the USA.

Gigabit internet speeds are simply not available over copper based infrastructure. Nor are they cost effective, when you consider the amount of  T1 lines that would need to be bonded to achieve a similar level of speed.

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