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X-Lite 4 Configuration for Mac or Windows

The X-Lite softphone allows you to access your fastmetrics™ office phone via software. You can make calls from any computer using the X-Lite program, just as if you were using your office phone, but you can use this softphone from anywhere. This softphone also supports video conferencing, all you need is a webcam to access this feature.

If you haven’t already downloaded the X-Lite softphone, download the latest version here.

For your username and password please have your authorized administrator contact fastmetrics support at or 415-778-5103.

To configure your X-Lite 4 Softphone, open SIP Account Settings. Choose Account Settings from the Softphone menu. This control is circled in red at the top left corner of the diagram.

X-Lite 4 1

Account Settings.

  • Account Name: this name will be displayed locally on your xLite softphone for this particular account.
  • Protocol: leave as SIP.
  • User ID: enter your extension.
  • Domain: enter your domain name.
  • Password: enter your password.
  • Display name: this will be displayed to the person you are speaking with.
  • Authorization name: enter username.
  • Domain Proxy: for this section check Register with domain and receive calls. Then select Proxy and enter
  • Dial plan: leave as defaults.

X-Lite 4 2

Voicemail Settings.
Just leave these settings with defaults.

X-Lite 4 3

Topology Properties.
From the Firewall traversal method section, select None (uselocal IP address). Leave the remaining settings with defaults.

X-Lite 4 4

Presence Settings.
Just leave these settings with defaults.

X-Lite 4 5

Transport Settings.
Just leave these settings with defaults.

X-Lite 4 6

Advanced Settings.
Just leave these settings with defaults. Now select OK to save your changes.

X-Lite 4 7

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