metricVOICE Web Interface – User Login

In order to get to your metricVOICE web portal interface, open a web browser and go to;

Web Interface Log In 1

Enter your username and password. Your user name is your phone extension number followed by your company’s phone domain name, which can be different from your regular domain (ex: 111[at]

metricVOICE UCaaS online user portal login page

Clicking on ‘Forgot Password’ or ‘Forgot Login Name’, only works if you have an email address registered for your account. Login information will be sent to that email address.

How To Login For The First Time

If you do not have your log in information, please ask your phone system manager onsite.

  • Go to Profile

business phone system login page fastmetrics

  • Enter your name.
  • Make sure both Directory Options unless your phone system manager instructed differently.
  • Enter your email address
  • Change your password (optional)
  • Change your voicemail PIN

Please do not change the time zone or area code. This is set based on your company’s phone configuration.

Having the Announce in Audio Directory checked will mean that you will have an option to select if you company as a dial by name directory.

Having the List in Directory checked will mean you will be listed on the display screen of receivers phones if they have it set to list by last name, first name or extension.

metricphones login first time

This is your metricVOICE home page. Here, you can see most recent messages, rules you might have activated such as simultaneous rings, forwards, Do Not Disturb (DND), etc. It will also display your devices connected to your account, as well as any active calls.

metric phone login home