Step 1: locate the address book icon at the bottom of your desktop.

CardDAV Mac 1

Step 2: click on the address book icon.

CardDAV Mac 2

Step 3: select Preferences from the Address Book menu.

CardDAV Mac 3

Step 4: on the accounts window select the Account Information tab. Then click in the plus symbol located at the bottom left to add a new account.

CardDAV Mac 4

Step 5: select CardDAV. For User Name enter your account name, followed by the domain name in parenthesis. For example, if your full email address is, then enter testaccount, followed by ( Enter your email Password. The Server Address must be Be sure to include “:80” at the end – otherwise an error will occur. Then click Create.

CardDAV Mac 5

Step 6: your account is now set up. You may close the accounts window.

CardDAV Mac 6