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The city of San Francisco is packed full of personality. Surrounded by a stunningly beautiful bay, there’s something magnetic about the area also known as ‘fog city’, ‘Frisco’ or ‘the City that knows how‘.

The unique culture, character, diversity and lifestyle – all add to the charm. A combination of these characteristics and the local people – make it an unforgettable place.

How well do you know the City of San Francisco? 

Think you know SF better than most? Have you visited before and seen the sights? Find out if you are a newbie who needs to visit this great city, or a true local who has never left.

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More info about the County & City of San Francisco

SF is one of the most densely populated American cities and one of  the most visited places in the United States of America. Also an overseas tourist hot spot – it is one of the most traveled to places in the world.

Founded by the Spanish in 1776, SF is the smallest county in the state of California. Today, the city is a gateway to the famous tech companies of the Silicon Valley area, home of the Giants baseball team, 49ers football and the world recognized Golden Gate Bridge.

What else does it offer that’s different? Cable cars, a famous hilly landscape, picturesque Victorian era housing and a whole lot more. Combined with a diverse population of people, this makes it a colorful, vibrant city, oozing with character.

photo of ship on san francisco bay through arch structure

San Fran photo by Bruno Sousa sourced for free via Unsplash

The team at Fastmetrics loves the City of San Francisco. To us, it’s the greatest place on earth. We consider ourselves lucky to live and work in the area. Thanks for taking the quiz!