Outlook is not opening? If your Microsoft Outlook will not open, there could a few reasons why. Outlook has a tendency to leave multiple processes running in the background, most of which are invisible to a computer user.

If one of these processes is already running, attempting to open Outlook again will not display anything. Outlook is actually running already, you just can not see it.

If you’re experiencing a problem with Outlook not opening, the following guidance will help you troubleshoot Outlook not starting.

Outlook Does Not Open? Programs Which Keep Outlook Open

Click here to see a list of possible programs and software that might be causing Outlook to remain open.

Troubleshooting Outlook When It Will Not Open

Step 1: If your Microsoft Outlook will not open, the first step is to open Windows Task Manager. There are a couple of options to do this, but the most efficient way to open Task Manager is to press the Ctrl, Alt & Delete buttons at the same time.

Outlook will not open 3

Step 2: When the Windows Task Manager window appears, select the Processes tab – the second tab on the left at the top of the window.

Step 3: Now you can start to end those invisible background processes that Outlook has left running on your computer, which are causing your Outlook to not open.

Step 4: Look for a process named OUTLOOK.EXE

Step 5: Click on that process in the list.

Step 6: Click on the End Process button, at the bottom right of the Task Manager window.

Outlook will not open 4

Repeat steps 3 to 6 for each process Outlook has left running. Remember to check this list of programs that may keep Outlook running, but not able to be opened.

Step 7: When you see the below warning dialog after completing Step 6, it is normal. Press the Yes button.

Outlook not opening

Outlook Won’t Open, Still?

Can’t open Outlook? After ending all these possible processes, if Outlook will not open, please contact Fastmetrics Tech Support.

One of our Email Technicians can investigate further why Outlook wont open and can start a www logmein123 com remote support session on your desktop if required.