The IMAP email protocol stores your email inbox on our email server instead of the local machine. This makes remote access to the emails possible from different machines, but to access your email that computer ( and email client ) must be using the IMAP or MAPI protocol.

You can access your account through the internet as well. IMAP connects to the server when writing a new email or when reading an email. To access your IMAP account it does take longer because the email client you are using needs to contact the mail server.

IMAP allows you to view messages without downloading to the computer. It also allows you to look at basic information like subject line, name, and attachment size before accessing a particular message. Calendar and Contacts can only be viewed from the computer you added them from.

Items added are not available through web mail, other computers or devices. IMAP will keep all your inbox email on the mail server the until you delete it. This may cause your accont to run out of space. We will be happy to increase the size of your account as needed.

A back up copy of your inbox is created automatically. If your computer dies you will lose contact and calendar information but not the inbox. However, if you add contact or calendar information using web mail, then that contact and calendar information will be backed up on our server.

Need further assistance setting up your email account?

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