The POP email protocol maintains the relationship between your email client and the email server.

Emails are stored on the email server. Email clients, such as Microsoft Outlook, download those email messages to the user’s hard drive whenever the email client connects to the email server. The POP email protocol makes your hard drive the only location where you can access your emails.

The majority of email programs are set up to delete emails off the server once they are downloaded. With some email clients you will have the option of changing that and select to keep emails on the server for a specified time frame.

Using the POP email protocol you can be view your email offline, connection to the internet is only needed to send and receive emails. New messages are downloaded at the same time which can sometimes freeze your computer while large emails are bring downloaded.

All email attachments are directly downloaded to your computer. If you are keeping emails on the server for 7 days and using more than one computer to access your email – every time that computer connects to the server it will download all the messages that it has not yet downloaded – this can cause delays.

Calendar and Contacts can only be viewed from the computer you added them from. Items added are not available through web mail, other computers or devices. Because email is removed from the server there is no back up of any emails. If your computer or hard drive dies, all information will be lost unless you have performed a local back up of your hard drive.

Because emails are removed from the server whenever your email client access the email server, your account will never exceed its size limit.

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