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Your phones can conference up to 3 parties including yourself.

To start a three way conference:

  • Dial the first party from your phone
  • Press the Confrnc softkey
  • Dial the second party
  • Press Send
  • When the second party picks up the call Press Confrnc to join the calls

soft key conference call

Conferencing when you already have one party on the line:

  • Press Confrnc
  • Dial the second party
  • Press Confrnc to join the calls

When you are done, you can hang up or disconnect one party and remain on the line with the other.

To disconnect a single party:

  • Press the Split softkey – both calls are put on hold
  • Use the blue up and down keys to select which party you’d like to disconnect.
  • Press Resume
  • Press End Call
  • Press Resume to continue with the other party.