MS Outlook 2003 POP / IMAP / HTTP Setup Guide

The following guide shows step by step how to configure Microsoft Outlook 2003 email with either POP3, IMAP or HTTP settings.

Step 1: Open Microsoft Outlook and select E-mail Accounts… from the Tools drop down menu from within the Outlook email program.

Outlook 2003 1

Step 2: Select Add a new e-mail account. Then click Next.

Outlook 2003 2

Step 3: Select the type of server that you will be using. Either POP3, IMAP or HTTP. Then click Next.

Note: If you wish to configure using the MAPI connector, please see the article; ‘Setup Outlook with MAPI‘. Cancel in this dialog now, there is a different setup process required for MAPI email.

Outlook 2003 3

Step 4: Fill in the following fields as follows:

  • Your Name: your first and last name
  • E-mail Address: the full email address for the account you are setting up now. Example:
  • User Name: the same address entered for E-mail Address field
  • Password: the password to be used for this account
  • Incoming mail server (POP3):
  • Outgoing mail server (SMTP):

Outlook 2003 4

Step 5: We recommend that you test the settings now by pressing the Test Account Settings button. Then click Next.

Outlook 2003 5

Step 6: Your new email account has been created and configured. Click Finish.

Outlook 2003 6