Forwarding Features

Feature Description
Call Screening The Caller will be prompted to record his/her name. The Callee will be notified with the Caller’s name and provide the option to Answer, Direct to Voice Mail or Reject.
Do Not Disturb Do Not Disturb automatically sends any incoming call directly to the Callee’s voice mail.
Forward Always When Forward Always is enabled on the Subscriber, the Callee’s device(s) will not be rung and the call will automatically be forwarded to the specified user or device. The same configuration and rules as described in section Forward Busy apply here.
Forward Busy Forward Busy will forward to the configured user or device if the dialed device is busy. It is possible to specify multiple forwards on busy to cover the case where the device forwarded to is also busy. This configuration is accomplished by adding multiple strings to the “Forward To” field, separated by spaces. In the case of forwarding to a user, having more than one forward will not apply. See below for an explanation of Forward to User vs. Forward to Device.
Forward No Answer When enabled, Forward No Answer will forward to the specified user or device if user’s no-answer time-out expires. It is also possible to specify multiple forwards for this feature, as described in section Forward Busy.
Forward Offline Forward Offline allows you to forward your calls if your phone is unplugged or has lost internet or power.
Simultaneous Ring The Simultaneous Ring feature enables multiple devices to ring at the same time when a call comes into the associated user. The concept of Simultaneous ring only applies to devices.