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X-Lite 5 Configuration for Mac or Windows

X-Lite Version 5 Free Download & Setup Guide

The X-Lite softphone allows you to access your Fastmetrics office phone via software. You can make calls from any computer using the X-Lite software, just as if you were using your office phone and number.

New customer business phone service offer


per line, monthly
1 – 9 business phone lines


per line, monthly
10 – 19 phone lines (Save 20%)


per line, monthly
20+ phone lines (Save 40%)

One of the main benefits of X-Lite is you can use this softphone from anywhere. X-Lite also supports video conferencing, all you need is a webcam to access this feature.

Free X-Lite Version 5 Softphone Download

Before setting it up, download the X-Lite Softphone. Now you can follow the instructions below to get your softphone up and running.

For your username and password please have your authorized administrator contact the Fastmetrics Support Team or e-mail:

To configure your X-Lite 5 Softphone, open SIP Account Settings. Choose Account Settings from the Softphone menu. This control is circled in red at the top left corner of the diagram.

Account Settings:

Voicemail Settings.
Leave the default settings shown here.

Topology Properties.
From the Firewall traversal method section, select None (use local IP address). Leave the default settings shown here.

Transport Settings.
Leave the default settings shown here.

Advanced Settings.
Leave the default settings shown here. Now select OK to save your changes.

Your X-Lite softphone is now setup for your Mac or Windows based computer or laptop.