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Polycom SoundPoint 335 – User Guide

Polycom SoundPoint IP 335 Phone Manual & User Support Guide

Thank you for choosing the Polycom SoundPoint IP 335 phone. The Polycom 335 is a full-duplex, hands-free phone.

The Polycom SoundPoint IP 335 phone provides business telephony features and functions such as multiple call appearance, call hold, transfer, and conferencing over an IP network.

fastmetrics is a polycom phones authorized solution advisor

Fastmetrics is a Polycom Authorized Solution Advisor. See how easy it is to manage cloud phone service features with your Polycom 335 phones.

New customer business phone service offer


per line, monthly
1 – 9 business phone lines


per line, monthly
10 – 19 phone lines (Save 20%)


per line, monthly
20+ phone lines (Save 40%)

In this Polycom 335 phone manual, you will find everything you need to quickly use your new phone.

Before getting started, be sure to verify with your System Administrator that your network is prepared for configuring your Polycom IP 335 phone.

Find out IP info here; What Is My IP Address.

Polycom SoundPoint IP 335

Polycom SoundPoint IP 335 Handling Calls

Polycom SoundPoint 335 Contact List

Your contact list is your personal phone directory.

Polycom SoundPoint 335 Buddy List

Your buddy list allows you to monitor status of other users within your company.

Microsoft Outlook Will Not Open

Outlook is not opening? If your Microsoft Outlook will not open, there could a few reasons why. Outlook has a tendency to leave multiple processes running in the background, most of which are invisible to a computer user.

If one of these processes is already running, attempting to open Outlook again will not display anything. Outlook is actually running already, you just can not see it.

If you’re experiencing a problem with Outlook not opening, the following guidance will help you troubleshoot Outlook not starting.

Outlook Does Not Open? Programs Which Keep Outlook Open

Click here to see a list of possible programs and software that might be causing Outlook to remain open.

Troubleshooting Outlook When It Will Not Open

Step 1: If your Microsoft Outlook will not open, the first step is to open Windows Task Manager. There are a couple of options to do this, but the most efficient way to open Task Manager is to press the Ctrl, Alt & Delete buttons at the same time.

Outlook will not open 3

Step 2: When the Windows Task Manager window appears, select the Processes tab – the second tab on the left at the top of the window.

Step 3: Now you can start to end those invisible background processes that Outlook has left running on your computer, which are causing your Outlook to not open.

Step 4: Look for a process named OUTLOOK.EXE

Step 5: Click on that process in the list.

Step 6: Click on the End Process button, at the bottom right of the Task Manager window.

Outlook will not open 4

Repeat steps 3 to 6 for each process Outlook has left running. Remember to check this list of programs that may keep Outlook running, but not able to be opened.

Step 7: When you see the below warning dialog after completing Step 6, it is normal. Press the Yes button.

Outlook not opening

Outlook Won’t Open, Still?

Can’t open Outlook? After ending all these possible processes, if Outlook will not open, please contact Fastmetrics Tech Support.

One of our Email Technicians can investigate further why Outlook wont open and can start a www logmein123 com remote support session on your desktop if required.

Winmail.dat File Causes & How To Open Them

What Is A Winmail.dat File?

Microsoft Outlook automatically generates a winmail.dat file when an Outlook email user composes and sends a message using the Rich Text Format or HTML Format. These formats attach the .dat file to the the end of the email message.

But what is a winmail.dat file, really? A winmail.dat file contains email formatting information, in an unreadable form for humans. Microsoft Outlook uses this data on the receiving end to display email messages correctly.

Unfortunately, Outlook is the only email client program that utilizes winmail.dat information. This means anyone not using Outlook, who receives and opens an email in the HTML or Rich Text format, will find a winmail.dat file attached as well.

What Causes Winmail.dat Files?

Microsoft Outlook has many options, one of which is the ability to send emails using different text formats. As useful as these extra formats might be, this is the ultimate cause of winmail.dat files which might require additional programs to open.

Winmail.dat files are created and can cause problems for users of webmail and email clients such as Eudora, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.

How To Fix Winmail.dat File Problems

If you know your regular email recipients do not use Outlook, or to eliminate winmail.dat problems for your recipients completely, there are a couple of options within your Outlook program.

Option A: Every time you send an email message within Outlook. Compose a new email message as per normal. Before sending it, select Format > Plain Text from the menu bar, then send your message.

Option B: Change your DEFAULT sending mode in Outlook, thereby sending all email messages as plain text.

Outlook 2007 & older: Select Tools > Options > Email Format > Internet Options.

Select Plain Text from the drop down menu. Press OK.

Outlook 2010 and 2013: Click File > Options > Mail. Scroll towards the bottom of the dialog box.

Under the Message Format section, where it says; “When sending messages in Rich Text format to Internet recipients:” select Plain Text from the drop down menu.

Press OK.

Both Options A and B will prevent winmail.dat problems for non Outlook email recipients. It’s completely up to you as a user which option you select.

How To Open Winmail.dat Files

Do you need access to Winmail.dat files? Check out Winmaildat.com for a handy tool.

what is winmail.dat file

www LogMeIn123 com Remote Support Setup

Note: LogMeIn is a tool Fastmetrics uses to log in to their clients computers to provide faster support. If you need support from LogMeIn, you can contact them directly by calling 866-478-1805 (US or Canada) or checking this support numbers list for international locations.

What is www LogMeIn123.com Remote Support?

www LogMeIn123 com remote support is an efficient and secure way to get Technical Support directly on your computer, at any location with a reliable Internet connection. LogMeIn123 allows your IT Support Technician to access your computer remotely, jumping directly into your desktop, to solve your issue.
Remote support works well as it allows your Technician to do the work for you. This often minimizes delays, as they can access the root cause of issues and perform system checks to identify potential issues. You can sit back and watch a Technician perform support on your very own computer.

Contact LogMeIn Support Worldwide

If you prefer to speak to a LogMeIn Support Technician directly, contact LogMeIn in the US or Canada by calling; 866-478-1805. If you’re outside of the US, check this list of Support numbers for different international locations; http://help.logmein.com/SelfServiceContact.

Setup www LogMeIn123.com Remote Support

Follow the below steps to setup LogMeIn123 remote support with your IT Technician. Firstly, contact the Support Team needed via phone. They will let you know if your issue requires a remote support session. If it does, follow these steps;
Step 1: Open your Internet browser of choice and type in www logmein123 com (it makes no difference if you type in logmein123.com or www.logmein123.com) or click on the link. We have setup the link above so it will open a new tab in your browser. So you can keep following the remaining five steps.
The www LogMeIn123 com web address entered will redirect you to a page titled ‘LogMeIn Rescue’.
You will see the below window where you will be asked to enter a single use code. The code will be provided to you by your IT Support Technician working with you, over the phone for security purposes.
Step 2: Enter the 6-digit code provided by your technician. Then press Connect to technician.
Step 3: You will now be asked to download a file. Click Save File.
Step 4: A Security Warning dialog will appear. This is normal. Go ahead and click the Run button.
Step 5: You will see a dialog box asking you to grant permissions for this process.
Click the Yes button to allow permissions.
Your firewall might also request to block the connection trying to be established between www LogMeIn123 com and your computer. if this appears, please select Unblock.

Using LogMeIn123 Support

Step 6: After you’ve successfully setup LogMeIn123, a chat window will appear. You can use this to view and send messages between your Technician, if you wish, or over the phone as well. This chat dialogue also logs any activity that takes place during your remote support session.
You will now see that your IT Support Technician can access your desktop and you will see them perform tasks to sort your problem. They will have control of your desktop and you will see the remote mouse around and click, etc.
IMPORTANT: Do not close your Internet browser or settings during remote support, unless requested by your tech, as this can disconnect the session.
When the session is finished, you will see the text Fastmetrics Support has ended the session.

Alternative Support Access URL: www.support.me

If you can’t remember “logmein 123”, there’s another easy access link you can use to get support once you’re all setup. Simply type support.me or www.support.me into your browser bar for instant access to help!


Simply type in www.support.me to also access logmein123 online


WAV Files & How To Create A .WAV File

WAV Files For Voicemail & Auto Attendant Greetings

Note: these WAV file recording instructions are for the now outdated version Windows XP. However, these are highly similar for newer versions of Windows as well. 

This guide explains how to create WAV files to be used for your voicemail or auto attendant greeting. Access to record these greetings is often already setup with your business phone system. When you are not available to answer your phone or busy, we offer our business clients a few different options for inbound calls.

how to make wav files logo

Your Fastmetrics business phone service can be configured to;

  1. Send calls directly to your voicemail. Your pre-recorded greeting, (.WAV file) will be played.
  2. Be forwarded to your cell or any another number of your choosing. (Call forwarding).
  3. Be redirected to your auto attendant. Auto attendant greetings can be automated or personalized with WAV files.

Please note that the size limit for your auto attendant greeting is 1MB. Anything larger than this, will not work. For options 1 and 2 above, inbound phone calls will be played a pre-recorded message, such as WAV files, which we explain how to record below;

How To Make A WAV File In The Correct Format

Step 1: Launch your sound recorder. Select Start > Programs > Accessories > Entertainment > Sound Recorder.

Note: It is possible that your sound recorder is located in a different location, or that your default sound recorder is a different product. The required WAV format remains the same, for whichever sound recording program you use to record.

Use the format for your greetings below. Follow the instructions for your specific sound recording product.

Create wav File 1

Step 2: Set sound recorder properties. The first thing we will do is establish the properties for the sound recorder, to ensure your .wav file is in the correct format. Later, when we save the sound file after recording, these properties will be used for the saved wav.

Step 3: Select Properties from the File menu. Create wav File 2

Step 4: Click the Convert Now button. Create wav File 3

Step 5: Settings: Leave the .wav file Format: setting as PCM. Confirm that the Sound Selection Attributes are; 8.000 kHz, 16 Bit, Mono, 15 kb/sec. Otherwise, select that setting from the drop down list. Then click Save As.

Create wav File 4

Step 6: Type Fastmetrics. Then click OK. Create wav File 5 Step 7: Click OK again. Create wav File 6

Step 8: Click OK again. Create wav File 7

The sound properties for the .WAV file format have now been saved into a profile named “Fastmetrics”. This profile is internal to the sound recorder program. After recording your greeting, we will save a sound file, using this properties profile to specify the settings for the saved .wav file.

Step 9: Record your greeting. This process can be repeated as many times as you like.

The sound recorder will store your recording and when you are satisfied with that greeting, you can save the current recording to a sound file. Create wav File 8 Create wav File 9 Create wav File 10

Step 10: Select Save As from the File menu. Create wav File 11

Step 11: Enter the name you will be giving the .wav file. Then click the Change button. Create wav File 12

Step 12: Open the drop down list at the top left of the window by clicking the downward pointing arrow.

Step 13: Select the item named Fastmetrics. Then click OK. Create wav File 13

Step 14: Click the Save button. You are finished with the recording process. Create wav File 14 Your WAV file is now saved on your local computer, using the correct sound settings for the Fastmetrics business phone system. Depending on which business phone service you are using, your WAV files can now be uploaded and added to your voicemail or auto attendant.

Need further assistance?

For Fastmetrics customers only, setup a remote support session with one of our IT Support Technicians using Logmein123.com. If you want to use a softphone from your desktop or smartphone, check our softphone configuration guides for the X-Lite and also Bria solutions. For desk phone options, we offer free Yealink phones with voice service.

Outlook MAPI Settings & Download

Before You Get Started With MAPI

For Outlook MAPI to work, Microsoft Outlook 2010 or 2007 must have been installed on your computer. MAPI settings are highly similar for ALL versions of Outlook.

What Is MAPI And Why Should I Download It?

Designed by Microsoft and used since 1997, the Message Application Programming Interface (MAPI) is one of the 3 main email protocols, along with POP and IMAP.

MAPI allows communication between all versions of Outlook, Microsoft Exchange and also some other non-Microsoft email servers.

Generally, MAPI provides greater functionality for Outlook email clients than the IMAP protocol.

Outlook MAPI Synchronization Process

Important: Once MAPI is installed and configured on your system, synchronization is performed. All your existing emails, contacts, notes and calendar information will be synced.

The MAPI synchronization process will not begin until you have relaunched Outlook 2010 or 2007 (after installing MAPI and configuring your account) and you have clicked in the inbox of your new MAPI enabled account.

If you have been using your email account for awhile, or have 100 or more emails in that account, this process can take two or more hours.

For that reason, we recommend waiting until the end of your work day before following the steps in this tutorial.

Step 1: Download and install the free MAPI connector.

  1. Click here to download the MAPI installer now.
  2. This will download a file named CGatePro-MAPI-Intel- to your computer.
  3. Create a new folder somewhere on your computer, naming it something like MAPI Installer or Connector.
  4. Move the zip file you just downloaded to the folder you just created.
  5. Right-click in the file CGatePro-MAPI-Intel-
  6. Select Expand here… from the popup menu that appears.
  7. You should now see two files, cgmxp32.ini and setup.exe.
  8. Double-click in the file setup.exe to run the MAPI installer.

A dialog box may appear warning that An unknown program wants access to your computer and asking if you want to run setup.exe. This is normal, select Allow to proceed with the MAPI installation.

Step 2: When this dialog appears, click the Install button.

Setup Outlook 2010 1

Step 3: When the dialog box appears asking if you want to configure your Mail Profile now, click the No button.

Setup Outlook 2010 2

The Outlook MAPI connector is now installed.

 Configure Outlook MAPI Email Account Settings

Next, we will configure a new MAPI email account using Outlook 2010. We have used Fastmetrics Enterprise Email account info for the below example.

You can setup MAPI with your own personal Gmail or another email account type.

Step 1: Launch Microsoft Outlook 2010 or 2007.

Step 2: Click in the File tab in the top left corner of the main window.

Setup Outlook 2010 3

Step 3: Select the Info tab in the left column of the File tab.

Step 4: Click on Add Account (the button with the green plus sign).

Setup Outlook 2010 4

Step 5: Select the E-mail tab.

Step 6: Click on the New… button at the far left side of the dialog box, under E-mail.

Setup Outlook 2010 5

Step 7: Select Manually configure server settings or additional server types at the bottom of the box.

Step 8: Click the Next button.

Setup Outlook 2010 6

Step 9: Select Other, then choose CommuniGate Pro Server from the list below.

Note: For other email accounts, such as Gmail, this is where you would select ‘Internet E-mail’. For Microsoft Exchange accounts, select that option.

Then click the Next button.

We are using ‘Other’ as this is the Fastmetrics Collaboration Server, which we use to store all our email, contacts, notes and calendar information.

Setup Outlook 2010 7

Step 10: Click in the Server tab.

– For Server Name enter mail.fastmetrics.com.

– Leave Server port number set at 143.

– Select Use the following Authentication details, then enter your account name and password.

Note: Replace yourname with your actual username, and replace yourdomain.com with your actual domain name.

Step 11: Click Account Settings.

Setup Outlook 2010 8

Clicking on Account Settings will open another box.

Step 12: For Name, enter your full name. For E-mail address, Reply name, and Reply address enter your full email address.

Then click the Update button.

Setup Outlook 2010 9

Step 13: Click the Connection tab. Select Connect using my local area network (LAN).

Setup Outlook 2010 10

Step 14: Click the Advanced tab. Place a check next to Always download entire message.

Select Local Microsoft Outlook Application Data folder.

Setup Outlook 2010 11

Step 15: Select the Troubleshooting tab. Place a check next to Do not display “Server transaction in progress…” dialog.

You can optionally select Enable logging or leave this option unchecked. Logging information is useful for our Technical Support Team to troubleshoot for email solutions if required.

Then click the OK button.

Setup Outlook 2010 12

The following dialog will appear, instructing that you must restart Outlook 2010 for your new MAPI account to take affect. Click the OK button.

Setup Outlook 2010 13

Installation of your MAPI account is now complete. Click the Finish button. Then exit and restart Outlook 2010.

Setup Outlook 2010 14

 Accessing a new Outlook MAPI Account after restart

When you restart Outlook, you will notice a new email account displayed in the left hand column.

Click on the arrow to the left of this new email account, then click on the inbox. If this is a pre-existing email account, it will take time for MAPI to fully synchronize Outlook with the Fastmetrics Collaboration Server.

During this time you will see (Not Responding) displayed in the Outlook title bar. This is normal.

This process can take take several hours, depending on the size of your Outlook account. For this reason, we recommend waiting until the end of your work day before setting up MAPI.

Setup Outlook 2010 15

Once MAPI synchronization has completed you will see your email messages displayed in the center column, and (Not Responding) will disappear from the title bar.

You have now fully installed and configured MAPI, and synchronized with the collaboration server. The next time you check your email, there will only be a slight delay while your latest emails are copied from the server.

Setup Outlook 2010 16

Need further assistance setting up MAPI?

If you’re an existing Fastmetrics customer, learn how to setup a remote support session with one of our Email Technicians using Logmein123.

How To Setup Out Of Office In Outlook 2007

How do I set up Outlook 2007 Out Of Office Replies?

These Out of Office instructions are for Microsoft Outlook 2007 using our MAPI connector. MAPI must have been installed first, for these instructions to work.

The process is similar for other versions, such as Outlook 2010. The difference is in how the Vacation Message settings are accessed. Aside from that, instructions are exactly the same.

Note that only one auto reply Vacation Message will be sent per person. A list of people that have received an out of office message is maintained inside the Outlook email program. For this reason, we recommend clearing this list each time the Vacation Message feature is activated.

Step 1: Launch Microsoft Outlook 2007.

Open Microsoft Outlook 2007 and make sure your account folders are highlighted. In some cases, Outlook may have more than one account setup on your computer.

Outlook Vacation Message 1

Step 2: Click on the Tools in top main menu.This will open a drop down menu. 

Step 3: Click on CommuniGate Pro Server.

Step 4: Click on Vacation Message from the CommuniGate Pro Server sub menu.

Outlook Vacation Message 2

Step 5: Check the box which says ‘Enable Vacation Message’.

You can disable the Vacation Message by deselecting the ‘Enable Vacation Message’ option, or by deleting the message in the text box under the ‘Ends’ date option.

Outlook Vacation Message 3

Step 6: Click on the day / date when you will back in office. This can changed at any time.Outlook Vacation Message 4

Step 7: Add in the message you wish to display for your out of office auto reply.

Example; “I am out of office and unable to answer your email until the 9th of July. I can be contacted on my cell for any urgent requests”.

Step 8: Press OK.

Your Outlook 2007 program will now send automatic out of office replies to all incoming emails to your account.

The person sending incoming email to you will receive the message you entered in the Vacation Message text box. This will continue until you deactivate your out of office vacation message, or until the date specified in the date settings expires.

Need further assistance setting up your Outlook out of office?

For existing Fastmetrics customers, see how to setup a remote support session with one of our Email Technicians using www.logmein123.com.

How To Setup E-mail On iPad

Learn: How To Setup Email On The Apple iPad

How do I setup my email on my iPad? It’s a simple and quick process. Below we have provided the 5 steps necessary to setup your iPad email, using Microsoft Exchange as the default option.

Why Microsoft Exchange? We work with many clients who use Microsoft Outlook with our business hosted email service, so this post serves as a useful guide for them. For other email accounts, such as Gmail or Yahoo, iPad email setup instructions are highly similar.


Setup My Email On My iPad: iPad Email Setup In 5 Steps

Step 1: Tap the Settings icon from the home screen, then Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Mail, Contacts, Calendars will be highlighted in blue as shown below. Then tap Add Account.

set up email on ipad

Step 2: Tap the Microsoft Exchange icon, or your email account type.

Note: The below options will also be displayed if you tap the blue and white Mail icon from the home screen of your iPad, without having an email account configured.

ipad email setup

Step 3: Enter your account information.

  • Your Email address.
  • Domain
  • Username
  • Password
  • Description – this text identifies your iPad email account. It can be anything you want it to be. Example; “Fastmetrics Email Account”.

Note: Replace “yourname” with your actual user name, and replace “yourdom.com” with your actual domain name.

If you’re unsure about any of the above information, your company System Administrator should be able to help you. For Fastmetrics email customers unsure about this email account info, please contact Tech Support.

Step 4: Touch Next. Your iPad will begin verifying your email configuration.

how do i get my mail on my ipad

Note: If your Exchange server configuration does not support Auto Discovery, verification will fail, saying it could not validate your account. In this case, you will have to manually enter the server name.

(For Fastmetrics email customers, the server name must be mail.fastmetrics.com, as your Mail, Contacts and Calendar information are stored on the Fastmetrics collaboration server).

Sync iPad Email, Calendars and Contacts

By default, the iPad will synchronize all three data types, Mail, Contacts, and Calendars, with the Exchange Active Sync server. You can turn one or more of these options off, if you wish. To do this, swipe the option you do not wish to sync, to OFF.

Step 5: Tap Save.

how to set up email on ipad

Your iPad will now finalize the email iPad configuration and return you to the Mail, Contacts, Calendars menu while your iPad communicates with the server. Note that it can take a few minutes for calendar entries and contacts to show up.

You’re all done, your iPad is now setup for email, contacts and calendar info.