To prevent your Polycom 650 phone from ringing on incoming calls:

Press Do Not Disturb button to prevent the phone from ringing on incoming calls. A flashing icon and text on the graphic display indicates that Do Not Disturb is on. Calls received while Do Not Disturb is enabled are logged in the Missed Calls list unless configured to be forwarded to another party by your system administrator.

To disable Do Not Disturb, press Do Not Disturb button again.

Multiple Lines and Do Not Disturb

If multiple lines are configured on your phone, Do Not Disturb can be set on a line-by-line basis from the list using the Up Arrow and Down Arrow buttons.

When Do Not Disturb is enabled for a particular line, this is indicated by a flashing “X” beside the line indicator on the display.

Note – The Do Not Disturb feature is local to the phone, and may be overridden by call server settings. For more information, contact your system administrator.

Polycom SoundPoint 650 Do Not Disturb