You can customize your Polycom SoundPoint 650 phone so that incoming calls from a particular party are transferred directly to a third party.

To divert incoming calls from a particular contact:

  • Press Directories.
  • Select Contact Directory.
  • Use Up Arrow and Down Arrow keys to scroll through the list to find the contact that you wish to direct calls directly to your voice mail. You can also use the * key to Page Up and the # key to Page Down.
  • Press the Edit soft key and scroll down to the Divert Contact field.
  • Enter the number of the party to whom you want to divert incoming calls from this person.
  • Scroll down to the Auto Divert field.
  • Use the Left Arrow and Right Arrow keys to select Enabled.
  • Press the Save or Cancel soft keys to accept or cancel changes.
  • Press Directories or the Exit soft key repeatedly to return to the idle display.

Polycom SoundPoint 650 Divert Calls