Local lists of missed, received and placed calls are maintained by the Polycom SoundPoint 650 phone (up to 100 for each list).

Press Directories button followed by Call Lists, Missed Calls, Received Calls, or Placed Calls as desired.

To manage the listed calls:

  • Select the Edit soft key to edit the dial string if necessary.
  • Select the Dial soft key to return the call.
  • Select the Exit soft key to return to the previous menu.

For additional choices, press the More soft key followed by:

  • The Info soft key to view information about the call.
  • The Save soft key to store the contact to the Contact Directory.
  • The Clear soft key to delete the call from list.

Press the More and Exit soft keys repeatedly to return to the idle display.

Press Right Arrow from the idle display to access the Placed Calls list.
Press Left Arrow from the idle display to access the Received Calls list.
Press Down Arrow from the idle display to access the Missed Calls list.

These shortcuts can be used while placing calls or performing transferring and conferencing functions. You can manually clear the call lists. They are automatically cleared when you restart the phone.

Polycom SoundPoint 650 Call Lists