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Polycom SoundPoint 430 – Troubleshooting

This article provides possible solutions to problem with your Polycom SoundPoint 430 IP phone, such as No Dial-Tone, or your Polycom 430 phone is not ringing for incoming calls.

Polycom SoundPoint 430 IP Phone – No Dial-Tone

Verify power is correctly applied to the SoundPoint® IP 430 SIP phone:

  • Check that the display is illuminated.
  • Make sure the LAN cable is inserted properly at the rear of the phone (try unplugging and re-inserting the cable).
  • If using inline powering, check that the switch is supplying power to the phone (contact your System Administrator).

Verify if dial tone is present on any other audio paths:

  • Switch between handset, headset (if present) or hands-free to see if dial tone is present on these other paths.
  • If dial tone exists on one of these, connect a different handset or headset to isolate the problem.

No Display, Incorrect Display, or Bad Contrast.

Verify power is correctly applied to the SoundPoint® IP 430 SIP phone:

  • As “No Dial-Tone” above.

Verify contrast adjustment:

  • Follow the instructions in this User Guide to readjust the contrast to a darker level.
  • Reboot the phone to obtain a default level of contrast (follow the instructions in this User Guide).

Verify successful outbound or inbound calling:

  • Place a call to the phone under investigation – check that the display indicates incoming call information.
  • Lift the handset. Ensure dial tone is present and place a call to another extension or number, check that the display changes in response.

Polycom SoundPoint 430 IP Phone – No Ringing

Verify incoming ring setting and volume levels:

  • Adjust the ringing level from the front panel using the volume up/down keys.
  • Check that ring type selection is not Silent Ring.

Verify successful outbound or inbound calling:

  • As “No Display” above.
  • Check same status of handset, headset (if connected) and through the hands-free speakerphone.

Polycom SoundPoint 430 IP Phone – No Audio On Headset

Verify correct connections:

  • Ensure the headset is plugged into the jack marked Headset at the rear of the phone.
  • Ensure the headset amplifier (if present) is turned on and/or the volume is correctly adjusted.
  • Ensure that headset is compatible with the phone.

No Response from Feature Key Presses.

Verify phone is in active state:

  • Make a call to the phone to check for inbound call display and ringing as normal.
  • If successful, try to press feature keys within the call to access Directory or Buddy Status for example.
  • Press [MENU] followed by System Status and Server Status to confirm line is actively registered to the server.
  • Reboot the phone to attempt re-registration to the server.

Polycom SoundPoint 430 IP Phone Display Shows “Network Link is Down”

Verify LAN cable is properly connected:

  • Check termination at the switch or hub (furthest end of the cable from the phone).
  • Check that the switch or hub is operational (flashing link/status lights) or contact your System Administrator.
  • Press [MENU] followed by Status, Network and Ethernet. Scroll down to verify LAN port is Active.

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