Pre-assigned numbers can be associated with speed dial entries for rapid automated dialing. Speed Dial entries are consecutively placed next to assigned line keys on the phone. When a new entry is added to the Contact List, it is automatically assigned the next available speed dial index.

To change a Speed Dial key assignment:

  • Press Menu button and select Features, Contact Directory.
  • Highlight an existing directory entry and press Edit, or press and hold the line key which already has a speed dial number assigned to it. That contact in the directory will automatically be displayed.
  • If a speed dial index already exists, delete it by pressing the Polycom 430 Right arrow key and then the << softkey.
  • If desired, enter a new speed dial index.
  • Press Save to confirm or Cancel to abandon the change then press Exit to return to the idle display.

Idle display could now be as shown.

Polycom SoundPoint 430 - Speed Dial

To dial a number assigned to a Line Key:

  • Press the line key directly opposite the number on the display.

To quickly view a complete list of assigned speed dial entries:

  • Press Polycom 430 Up button from the idle display.
  • Dial directly from a selected number.