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Polycom SoundPoint 430 – Multiple Call Appearances

Each line on the phone can be configured to have one or more call appearances. More than one call appearance is useful if there is an active call and an incoming call arrives on the same line.

In the example shown, extension 2020 is in an outbound call with 2024.

This figure shows an incoming call from John Brown. To answer this incoming call, put the original call on Hold or press the [down] key to access the new call.

Soft key labels will be updated on the display with these options:

Answering the incoming call places the original call on Hold and refreshes the soft key labels as indicated (third figure). If more than one call appearance is in use, one will appear on the display and the total number will be indicated by a counter at the top right corner of the display.

For example “2/3” indicates that the highlighted call is the second one out of a total of three. In the example case illustrated, another outbound call can be placed on the same first line.

Press Hold during the first call. Then press NewCall to obtain dial tone and a new call appearance for a second call.