You can make a three way call using the conferencing feature.

  • Place a call to the first party.
  • Press the Cnfrnc soft key to create a new call (the active call is placed on hold).
  • Dial the phone number of the second party or use the arrow keys to access speed dial numbers, missed, placed and received call lists.
  • From one of these lists press the Dial soft key.
  • When the second party answers, press the Cnfrnc soft key again to join all parties in the conference, or press the Split soft key to put the first call on hold and keep the second call as the active call.
  • A conference may be created at any time between an active call and a call which is on hold (on the same line or another line) by pressing the Join soft key.

Splitting a Conference.

When a conference has been established, a Split soft key is available. Pressing this key will split the conference into two calls on hold.