The time and date appears on the graphic display of the SoundPoint IP 335 SIP phone. If the phone cannot obtain a time and date from the call server, the display will flash. Contact your system administrator if either the time or date is incorrect.

You have control over the format of the time and date display and can turn the display of time and date off.

Polycom SoundPoint 335 - Time and Date 1

To configure the Time and Date:

  • Press Menu button.
  • Select Settings followed by Basic, Preferences, Time & Date.
  • Select from Clock Date, Clock Time, Clock Order, or Enable/Disable.
  • Scroll through the options under each of these selections using Up Arrow and Down Arrow.
  • Press Select Key to confirm your choice.
  • Press Menu button, or Left Arrow repeatedly to return to the idle display.

Polycom SoundPoint 335 - Time and Date 2