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Polycom SoundPoint 335 – Speed Dial

This article explains how to set up phone numbers with speed dial. Once you have entered phone numbers with speed dial, simply do the following to dial those speed dial numbers. To call a speed dial number, use the dial pad to enter the speed dial index followed by the # key, and then press Dial Buttonor pick up the handset to place a call.

Access the Speed Dial list by pressing Menu button, then select Features, Speed Dial, or press from the idle screen.

When a new entry is added to the Contact Directory, it is automatically assigned the next available speed dial index and the new entry appears at the bottom of the Speed Dial list.

To add or edit a speed dial index for an existing contact:

Do one of the following steps:

To assign a new speed dial index:
  • Press the Dir soft key.
  • Use and to scroll through the list to find the contact.
  • Press to select the entry.
  • Press the Edit soft key.
  • Press repeatedly until the speed dial index appears.
  • Press to select the speed dial index for edit.

Do one of the following steps:

  • Enter the next available speed dial index.
  • Delete the existing speed dial index by using the Backspace soft key, and then enter a new speed dial index.
  • Press the Ok or Cancel soft keys to accept or cancel changes.
  • Press repeatedly to return to the idle display.