You can select from the different ring types to distinguish between lines or to have a different ring from your neighbor’s phone. You can set distinctive incoming ringing tones for contacts in your local directory.

To change the incoming ring to a desired sound:

  • Press Menu button.
  • Select Settings followed by Basic, Ring Type.
    Optional – If multiple lines are configured on your phone, first select the line to change from the list using the arrow keys.
  • Using Up Arrow and Down Arrow, select the desired ring type.
  • Press the Play soft key to hear the selected ring type.
  • Press the Select soft key to change to the selected ring type.
  • Press Menu button or Left Arrow repeatedly to return to the idle display.

If you configure your SoundPoint IP 335 phone for silent ring, press the Ringing Line key or the Answer soft key to answer the call. If your handset is off hook, the call is routed to the handset. If your handset is on hook, the call is routed to the speaker.

Polycom SoundPoint 335 - Ring Type